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Authors may access the web-based abstract submittal system using the bellow form. During the online submission process, authors are expected to complete the form and attached the document:

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  1. A paper title, as well as the name, affiliation, postal address, and email address of the corresponding author and each co-author
  2. An extended abstract in the Portable Document File (PDF) format of at least 500 words (1 page) that includes the title and authors; provides a clear and concise statement of the problem to be addressed; the proposed solution method; the results expected or obtained; and an explanation of its significance to space tethers, with pertinent references and supporting tables and figures as necessary. The abstract should include sufficient detail to aid the reviewers in making an accurate assessment of the potential of the contributions, the originality of the work and/or ideas, and the anticipated interest in the proposed subject.

The authors are requested to follow the submission guidelines to prepare their abstract. MS Word template is available to download at the following links: MS Word template.

For inquiries, mail to Mr. Qi Zhang at qi95@yorku.ca