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Jianhong Wu

Professor, Math Department
Member, IC@L
Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Fields Laboratory of Mathematics for Public Health


2021 – 2022 Research Highlights

Nonlinear dynamics in social and epidemiological ecosystems and in big data analytics

The research group at the Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics under Wu’s leadership have published the first transmission dynamics model posted on January 27th of 2020, the work and its subsequent updates forecasted with absolute precision the trend of COVID-19 in China in the months of February and March of the year. The work was used by many organizations including JP Morgan Asset Management for its risk assessment. Wu’s group continued this success and extended this model to have predicted the COVID-19 trend in Ontario and Canada, most of which have been adopted by both provincial and federal governments. Wu’s group has also developing in a series of studies to model and quantify information propagation through online social networks.

Research Highlights


  1. Analytics and technologies for co-propagation of related information, Fulian Yin, Jianhong Wu and others, ZL 2020 1 1305709.2, The People’s Republic of China.


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