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Recruitment & Admissions

Support for Prospective Undergraduate Students

By phone: 647-465-8519
By email: ask@lassondeschool.com

Support for Prospective Graduate Students

Civil Engineering: sindy.mahal@lassonde.yorku.ca
Earth and Space Science: essgpa@yorku.ca
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: gpa@eecs.yorku.ca
Mechanical Engineering: mech_gpa@lassonde.yorku.ca
General questions: grad.studies@lassonde.yorku.ca

Partners (Digital Technologies)

By email: integratedprogram@lassonde.yorku.ca

Co-Op & Internships

Support for Students & Employers

By email: lsecoop@lassonde.yorku.ca

Lassonde Professional Development

By email: asklpd@lassonde.york.ca

Student Welcome & Support Centre

Support for Current Students

By phone: 416-650-8215
By email: ask@lassonde.yorku.ca
CIVL: civilundergrad@yorku.ca
EECS: ug@eecs.yorku.ca
ESSE: essedept@lassonde.yorku.ca
MECH: mech_upa@lassonde.yorku.ca Common Engineering Courses (ENG 1101, 1102, 2001, 2003, 3000, 4000): eng@lassonde.yorku.ca
In person: 105 Bergeron Centre, North York, ON
Visit the SWSC Virtual Welcome Desk (Requires Zoom): https://yorku.zoom.us/j/7728587598

Lassonde IT Support

By email: Ask2Lit@lassonde.yorku.ca
By phone: 416-736-5588
Drop-in Zoom room: https://yorku.zoom.us/my/Ask2Lit | Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 8:00 pm
Drop-in office hours: Bergeron 108 | Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Research at Lassonde

Information and Inquires

By email: resday@yorku.ca

Dean’s Office

General Inquiries

By phone: 416-736-5484

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