Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science

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Research that Enables Access and Utilization of Space

CRESS researchers develop methods and technologies and then prove them in space missions.

Current research areas in space technologies within CRESS are:

  • Satellite technologies
    • Improved power-generation and distribution
    • Ultra-precise attitude determination and control
    • Microphotonic payloads
    • Thermal management
  • GNSS systems
    • Algorithms, hardware and applications
  • CubeSat Missions
    • Technology demonstrators
    • Electrodynamic tethers
    • Space debris mitigation
  • Science
    • Microgravity surface science
    • Spaceflight instrument development
    • Data analysis techniques
  • Materials
    • Composites and nano-materials
    • Hydrophobic materials
    • Additive manufacturing in space
  • Robotics
    • Microrobotics
    • Micromanipulators