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Video Transcription

MTEC stands for Manufacturing, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Centre, a building for the future! It seeks to combine multi-disciplinary research and studies using manufacturing, technology, and entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest trends in the manufacturing industry is the shift in responsibility for design and manufacturing processes from the OEM to the parts suppliers.

It is becoming increasingly crucial that OEMs and small to medium enterprise (SME) suppliers have the knowledge and procedures to meet these new challenging tasks.

Globalization is inherent at different levels, including:

(i) Material supply distributed around the world

(ii) Flexible manufacturing, and

(iii) implementation with no boundaries, such as local and remote startup companies, mobile manufacturing, local design-global manufacturing, and repair

Industry 4.0 is the transformation of manufacturing with the help of technology.

Society 5.0 is a generation of knowledge and intelligence that emerges through Artificial Intelligence at the service of people.