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Who can apply

The TABES program is an industry-oriented students training program for Undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral, and Postdoctoral training in the areas of Applied Biotechnology, Bioprocess development, Data science/machine learning in bioprocesses, Integrated biorefinery and bioproduct development.

When to apply

Students can enrol in the TABES program in three academic terms: Fall term (September), Winter term (January), and Summer term (May).

Participation Terms

In addition to the requirements of the University graduate program, the successful trainee must participate in all the organized events, annual summit, and annual Summer School to complete all the technical and professional courses of the TABES program. Furthermore, the trainee must complete a mandatory industrial internship with one of the collaborating industry partners for approximately 20% of the duration of the training (minimum of 4 months for Master’s students and 8 months for Doctoral students).

Application Instructions

The applicant must contact one of the participating team members to agree to act as the applicant’s supervisor or co-supervisor.

The applicant must be accepted into a required degree program at one of the participating Universities.

The applicant’s research area must align with one of the research themes of the TABES program.

Download the TABES program application form here

The TABES program welcomes applications from all qualified individuals, including, but not limited to women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities (racialized), aboriginal (Indigenous) persons and persons of any gender identity and sexual orientation.