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Podcast Series – Inclusive Conversations: Empowering Voices

The ‘Inclusive Conversations: Empowering Voices’ is a podcast series where we dive deep into the heart of inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment to embark on exciting learning, growth, and transformation journey to explore the power of conversation in shaping a more equitable world. 

In each episode, we bring insightful discussions, inspiring stories, and thought-provoking interviews that highlight the importance of amplifying diverse voices across the realms of space exploration, biotechnology, and environmental research. Through these conversations, we aim to break down barriers, challenge perspectives, and foster a greater understanding of the experiences that shape our world. By sharing these narratives, we hope to ignite a collective passion for change and encourage listeners to take meaningful action in their own lives and communities.

Guests: Angela Huang and Julia Bava

Angela Huang is a graduate of Bachelor’s in Materials Science and Engineering at McMaster and currently pursuing a Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at York University.

Julia Bava is a graduate of the Honours Biology program at York University where she is currently completing her Master of Science in the Department of Biology.

Guest: Dr. Pascale Champagne

Dr. Pascale Champagne is Director General of the Energy, Mining & Environment research centre at the National Research Council. Enhancing the value and sustainability of our natural and renewable resources has important societal, economic and environmental impacts. Pascale’s research focuses on the development of water and waste management strategies and environmentally sustainable approaches with a focus on integrated bioresource management. We discuss sustainability, resource management, energy and bioproducts, as well as the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to solving our pressing environmental issues.

Guest: Dr. Georgette Zinaty

Dr. Georgette Zinaty is a leading voice in a wide variety of subjects including leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Georgette is Chief of Staff at Myant a two-time TEDx speaker and a Forbes contributor, She has been recognized as one of six Canadian women empowering others, notably through the “Women Helping Empower Women” community she founded. We discuss the evolving landscape of leadership and the importance of creating a welcoming and fulfilling environment for everyone.

Guest: Dr. Dawn Bazely

Dr. Dawn Bazely is a full professor in the Department of Biology in the Faculty of Science at York University. Her areas of research include ecology and evolutionary biology. In this episode, Dawn discusses her work as a researcher and professor, environmental sustainability and the importance of diversity.

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