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At Lassonde, we understand that partnerships are a powerful catalyst for conducting world-leading interdisciplinary research, providing meaningful experiential learning opportunities and solving society’s most pressing challenges. Such engagements help accelerate important research advancements, including identifying ways to improve crop performance and increasing knowledge of vision science and virtual reality.

Throughout the 2021-22 academic year, we developed and nurtured networks with other institutions and industry organizations both locally and globally to promote progress in diverse sectors, including finance, technology, transportation and agriculture. These efforts included working with Scotiabank to combat global financial crimes and collaborating with an auto industry leader to develop an electric car prototype. Our tight-knit industry-academia relationships also enabled us to reimagine the future of learning and employment by co-developing a uniquely flexible alternative to traditional university degree study.

By continuing to cultivate partnerships that advance positive change, Lassonde further cemented its status as a top engineering School and one to watch. Discover how we’re working together to make gains on our commitment to improve the world for everyone.

Key Highlights

Lassonde and Scotiabank zoom meeting

Lassonde partners with Scotiabank to fight global financial crime, advance equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM fields (UN SDGs 5, 10, 17)

With financial markets, technologies and products becoming more complex and financial crimes increasing worldwide, the Lassonde School of Engineering is working to address the global shortage of trained experts equipped to tackle these crimes. Industry collaborator Scotiabank contributed $980,000 to Lassonde to support research into Ponzi schemes, money laundering, cryptocurrency scams and other types of global financial crimes. Professor Uyen T. Nguyen and his team of graduate students are also studying serious crimes related to computer security, human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

SARIT vehicle operating in York University

York U a ‘living lab’ for auto magnate Frank Stronach’s prototype electric cars (UN SDGs 9, 11)

A three-wheeled uber-compact electric car may be the ticket to a more green and convenient future—and the Lassonde School of Engineering is helping it reach our streets. Auto magnate Frank Stronach engaged Lassonde to help him realize his vision for the future of sustainable commuter transportation: micro-mobility. With $100,000 from Stronach, School faculty members and students are testing the prototype of SARIT (Safe, Affordable, Reliable, Innovative Transit).

As an initiative that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SARIT reflects Lassonde’s commitment to create a just and sustainable world. Last year, 139 Lassonde research publications focused on the UN SDGs.

Lassonde Professional Development

  • 11 new professional development courses introduced
  • 14 online workshops and community events, which attracted more than 2,500 participants
  • Launched an innovative Humanitarian Water Engineering Intensive Course, which focuses on the essential knowledge and skills to supply safe water to populations in precarious situations. The course was developed with three partners: The United Nations Institute for Training and Research; CIFAL York; and the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research, and attracted almost three times the number of applicants for the 30 available spots

“Lassonde researchers are producing disruptive technology and trailblazing new frontiers.”

From the article Lassonde Innovation Fund (LIF): Promoting innovative research through internal funding (UN SDGs 3, 11, 17)

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