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At Lassonde, we understand that addressing the societal, economic and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow requires diverse insights, talents and approaches. That’s why we further invested in our people, environment and infrastructure in ways that advanced equity, diversity and inclusion, and supported our engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our actions to enhance EDI included allocating seed funding for student and faculty projects focused on furthering School goals such as promoting Black excellence, strengthening Indigeneity and decolonization, enabling the success of first-generation students and making learning experiences more inclusive.

Through our k2i academy, we continued to partner with public school boards to introduce enriching STEM learning experiences to K-12 students. This unique equity-advancing community education initiative helps dismantle systemic barriers for those underrepresented in STEM and paves a pathway to Lassonde programs.

Learn how Lassonde cultivated an environment in which every creator feels connected and appreciated – through everything from the BEST Startup Experience, which supports aspiring entrepreneurs’ bright ideas, to increasing opportunities for women in STEM.

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Young women working in software engineering

Earn while you learn with Canada’s first Integrated Program in Digital Technologies!

In today’s economy, engineers with digital technology expertise are vital to organizations across many sectors. To alleviate Canada’s tech talent shortage and help employers conveniently upskill or reskill their workforce, the Lassonde School of Engineering is introducing Canada’s first fully work-integrated program in Digital Technologies. In this innovative earn-while-you-learn program, participants will earn a full-time salary while dedicating 20% of their time to academic learning, continuously applying their classroom learning to their job.

“To scale up Canada’s tech workforce, we need to create and facilitate more affordable, inclusive education pathways to digital technologies careers,” says Dean Jane Goodyer in her August 2022 op-ed for the Toronto Star. Since announcing the program, Dean Goodyer has penned 6 op-eds for national outlets, driving more than 15M impressions.

“We have an obligation to ensure underrepresented voices contribute to a greater diversity of thought and experience within STEM.”

Lassonde Dean Jane Goodyer, from the article Lassonde School of Engineering receives $1M for summer STEM program (UN SDG 10)