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Lassonde Professional Development

(Lassonde PD)

Providing Professional Development and Lifelong Learning Opportunities in Technology, Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Interested in Group Training?

Advance your career by learning in a group environment and enhance your workforce.

NEW Financial Crimes and Countermeasures Course

This comprehensive course is designed to prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to combat and prevent financial crimes in an ever evolving and rapidly changing digital landscape. Learn how global financial crimes are identified, conducted, and monitored, while gaining a deep understanding of emerging technologies crucial to fighting financial fraud. Emerging topics include cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), pump and dump approaches, as well as general types of financial crimes such as Ponzi and pyramid schemes. 
Advance your career by enhancing your skillset, expanding your network, and making a positive impact in the financial sector.

Ready to upgrade your knowledge?

Lassonde PD offers unique, blended, online and experiential training designed to meet your continuing professional development (CPD) interests and needs.
Our mandate is to ensure that our educational programs have a meaningful impact on your job opportunities and career advancement.