Lassonde Professional Development

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Empowering Progress Through Lifelong Learning:

A Universal Approach to Professional Development in Engineering and Computer Science

Lassonde Professional Development (LPD) stands at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to shaping the future of engineers, technology professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as those seeking growth opportunities related to engineering and science. Our mission is to redefine professional development, offering dynamic group training programs that propel careers, drive societal impact and empower organizations to meet their strategic objectives.

At LPD, we cultivate a learning experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Our tailored courses uphold the highest professional standards. Expert instructors, drawn from academia and industry, facilitate an immersive educational journey, fostering an environment where innovation and progress converge.

Our dynamic group training programs are curated to impart technical expertise and strategically align with organizational goals. Whether it’s safeguarding businesses through cybersecurity or driving revenue through advanced technology applications, LPD courses are designed to deliver tangible results. Forging meaningful connections with industry leaders, our courses prioritize collaboration with engineering and technical associations, creating a synergy that resonates with the landscape of today’s technology-driven world.

LPD participants not only gain valuable insights from industry leaders but also become integral members of a vibrant global community. Many of our courses feature hands-on cumulative capstone projects, ensuring practical application of your acquired skills. Successful completion of our programs is recognized with a Lassonde School of Engineering certificate. These certificates, where eligible, align with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit hours.

Join us at LPD, where lifelong learning is not just a philosophy but a dynamic journey toward innovation, progress and professional excellence in engineering and computer science. Elevate your team’s capabilities, safeguard your business and drive revenue through LPD’s innovative group training programs.

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Meet our Director

Michael Twohey, PhD
Director, Professional Development and Lifelong Learning