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Program Length

3 days ( 8 hours per day) and one week of group work on a capstone project (remote)

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Program Format

live sessions (virtual delivery)

Tuition Fee

$1495.00 CAD plus HST

(early bird tuition fee $1345.00 CAD plus HST)


basics of drafting a business plan

Course Overview

The course guides participants through Blockchain’s basics and their applications. By completing the program, participants will better understand the theoretical underpinnings of different Blockchain technologies coupled with current perspectives into industry regulation and standards. In addition, participants will be provided with different frameworks to assess whether Blockchain technology is the answer to the problems they are trying to solve, both during the in-class case studies and in the way they apply the technology to future business ideas.
The course consists of three days intensive training and one week of group work on a capstone project and related report. 

Who Should Attend?

The Blockchain Business Model Development course is for professionals seeking a deeper knowledge of the impact and applications of Blockchain technologies. The course is designed for entrepreneurs looking to integrate Blockchain into their business plans, or industry practitioners wanting to understand the current and future developments of this new technology. For professionals who work in strategic, operational or managerial roles, the course will equip them with the knowledge required to use Blockchain technology in innovative ways and with greater efficiency. 

What You Will Learn

At the end of the course, participants will be able to articulate the main ideas about Blockchain technology, differentiate and assess the frameworks available and identify how they can leverage the technology to add value to their business or venture idea.  The course includes a final report, which is intended to exhibit the participants’ understanding and application of these outcomes 

Day 1 (9 am – 4 pm) 
Participants will spend the first day learning about the fundamentals of the digital transformation and its relationship with the blockchain technologies, decentralized internet and tokenomics.

· Digital Transformation
· Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
· 7 D- Decentralization, Digitization, Deception, Disruption, Demonetization, Dematerialization, Democratization
· The role of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the new economy
· Socio-economic, behavioural economy, reinforcement
· Tokenomics, macro-economy, micro-economy, and crypto economy
· Game theory
· Governance and protocol
· Algorithm, Autoregulation, Crowdsourcing, & Antifragility
· Exponential Organization, Human Interaction and Socio-Economic
Day 2 (9 am – 4 pm) 
Participants will be exposed to the different blockchain designs and paradigms; Public permission-less and private permission blockchains, and how to select the right design and architectures. We will cover design and development processes and patters, deployment models and support.

· Design for public/permission-less blockchain: (Architecture deep dive, Smart Contracts, Token Mechanisms, API Economy, State Machine, Identity and Public Blockchain)
· Design for Private/Permission-less Blockchains: Requirements (Why private-permission less); Business Case/ Business Models; Applications & System Architecture and Design; Deployment Models: Cloud (AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean); On premise; Governance; and applying mechanism design to public and permission blockchains
· Design for permission Blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric): Totally different paradigm; Developing the business case for permission blockchain; Application & System Architecture; Designing Hyperledger Solutions Integration with Legacy/Testing; Deployment models (Cloud, Legacy Integration, on premises, Container and microservices etc…); Governance; and Applying Mechanism Design for Public/Permission
Day 3 (9 am – 4 pm) 
Practice/Workshop: Participants will learn to evaluate feasibility, risk, and assess viability of a blockchain project. Participants will discover the various business model and business culture switch required to adapt an organization to the new economy. All use cases are based on solution using blockchain technologies and decentralized technologies in emerging market.

· Transforming a business model from traditional to decentralized
· Creating a new business model with Tokenomics
· Network and Ecosystem mapping
· Crypto-Economy, Tokenomics & Inflection point
· Prediction vs reality
· Investment: ICO or Traditional route

Capstone Project (White Paper). Due 7 days after the course ends.
The Capstone Project is a report that draws on the learning outcomes of the course to inform a specific Blockchain case of the participant’s choosing. During the project, participants have access to a mentor who ensures that the project report factors in discussion points and Blockchain models outlined during the three days of the course. A rubric will be provided to help direct the students’ capstones.

The course is highly recommended. Blockchain and distributed ledger concepts and application were explained well. The legal aspects and implications was factual and well-balanced. I learned a lot from this course.

— Blockchain Course Participant, March 2022


Program Director

Mohamed El-Kandri

Co-Founder & CTO IR4LAB, Executive Member of the Blockchain Hub