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Solutions for a Just and Sustainable World

The York community has pledged to deepen our collective contributions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The challenges ahead require increasingly complex solutions, applying perspectives gained from a variety of skills, disciplines, and diverse experiences. The Lassonde community is ideally placed to bridge the cyber-physical worlds to provide sustainable, inclusive, human-centred solutions to realize the SDGs. Many of these solutions will be born from our research and rolled out as global solutions.

We will provide dynamic support for fundamental research that provides the supporting knowledge and applied research that turns knowledge into practical solutions. We will support the deployment of these solutions by empowering creative thinkers and entrepreneurs to gain the depth and breadth of skills to contribute to our interdisciplinary teams. We will identify and support new opportunities within and outside of Lassonde to broaden and enhance this objective and promote our collaborations – recognizing that, properly constituted, the sum of the parts is truly greater than the whole.

Together we will make a positive impact and will multiply this impact as our graduates and contributions seed the Lassonde vision in the global community.

Key Initiatives:

  • Lassonde will be at the forefront of tackling real-world problems to address environmental, economic, technical, and societal challenges derived from our interdisciplinary engineering and science research.
  • Notable new technology entrepreneurship and knowledge mobilization initiatives, such as those led through the Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST) program, will increase Lassonde’s innovative impact.
  • Lassonde’s research is led by a growing and vibrant ecosystem of collaborative and outward-looking Organized Research Units (ORUs) (Institutes and Centres). These ORUs enable the research aspirations of their members and build value by creating connections between disparate groups and deriving solutions for external partners.
  • We prioritize supporting and investing in our researchers and their development as a close-knit supportive research community.
  • Our research will actively involve external stakeholders and communities in deep, meaningful ways right from the design of any project we undertake.
  • Our research will have a positive impact in the world, be recognized by our peers, and establish us as a leading interdisciplinary engineering school in the world.
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