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Certified Blockchain Mechanism Designer (CMDes™) Graduated 2018
16 May 2023

The programs I took (CBPro and CMDes) helped me not only to follow the new trend in the technology industry but to take a quantum leap and be among the few who will be able to influence
where the future of blockchain will evolve. Addition to that these programs and certification programs enabled me to keep my marketability on a high level providing extra tools and skills to
navigate in the professional worlds where there is no job security anymore.
When you are looking for a creditable knowledge source, a well accepted certification from a widely recognized education institution, I think this is what you are looking for. Beyond the many values and knowledge you will learn here you always will have the community behind you and the support of the alumni network which are very valuable.

Certified Ethereum Developer (CEDev™) Graduated 2017
16 May 2023

The course that I took at The Blockchain Hub helped me understand the marketplace a bit better and some of the building blocks that make up the blockchain ecosystem. With a developer first
mindset, it is often easy to forget the core purposes of the technology that you are working with. The course I took with The Blockchain Hub ensured that I was well acquainted with why and how we build with blockchain. This helped me tackle the blockchain industry with both technical and functional understandings of the technology.
I highly recommend the course for folks looking to get a strong primer in blockchain in just a short span of 3 days.

Certified Blockchain Professional (CBPro™) Graduated 2018
16 May 2023

I was looking for blockchain education which included lots of hands-on project work, as well as theory. The Blockchain Hub had a really well structured approach with great instructors, and also offered a strong blockchain community ecosystem, both before and after the trainings. The programs helped me to cut through the hype of the new technologies when delivering solutions to clients or speaking at events.
I would recommend the programs to others as an excellent intensive jumpstart into blockchain concepts and technologies.

Certified Hyper-Ledger Fabric Developer (CFDev™) Graduated 2017
16 May 2023

The course was really great. The instructors were highly knowledgeable. We didn’t just learnt the concept but also got an opportunity to network with amazing people and work on Blockchain projects.

Certified Ethereum Developer (CEDev™) Graduated 2017
16 May 2023

Initially, I did some self-study and thought I understood Blockchain. But after I have register for CEDev course, I really start understanding Blockchain and able to develop smart contracts by myself now.

Certified Hyper-ledger Fabric Developer (CFDev™) Graduated 2018
16 May 2023

I was looking to gain fast and solid knowledge of Hyper-ledger Fabric as I was in the middle of developing a blockchain based solution and wanted to consider using Hyper-ledger.
Hyper-ledger training was exactly what I expected, I gained inside knowledge and some hands-on experience in a short period of time. “
I would strongly recommend any program that York University offers.

Certified Crypto Analyst (CCAnt™) Graduated 2018
16 May 2023

I was in cryptocurrency & blockchain for 2 years and the reason that made me choose The BlockchainHub’s certification programs is that they were the only well-structured program out there.
Outstanding benefits are; first making you see that blockchain is not for nerd & geek, it is for everyone. Secondly, sharing access to a very large blockchain network of people and institutions which open doors to other opportunities if you want to progress in this sphere.
I would just recommend everyone to simply go for it.