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Cultivating and maintaining meaningful partnerships is a key objective at Lassonde. We have a deep understanding of the value collaboration brings to our students, researchers and community, driving positive change both locally and globally.

By creating an environment rooted in interdisciplinary partnerships, Lassonde has harnessed the capacity to transform innovative ideas and bring research to new and unimaginable heights. In 2022-23, we’ve started and continued work with educational institutions, healthcare associations, government organizations, businesses, and community and industry partners, to collaboratively develop solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. We had the opportunity to bring together partners for the Humanitarian Response Network of Canada’s triannual meeting; HRN includes over 35 humanitarian organizations.

Our researchers embodied teamwork through various partnerships, leading to solutions ranging from the production of solar fuel with Swiss-based company, Synhelion, to the construction of automotive wind tunnels in collaboration with Aiolos Engineering Corporation and the design of SARIT, a micromobility vehicle.

Our k2i academy worked with numerous ministries, school boards and organizations to bring STEM programming to underrepresented youth in creative ways. Notably, in late March, we brought together a group of leaders to connect, network and discuss STEM education at SNOLAB, the deepest cleanest lab in the world. We also had a number of partners, including Kenaidan Contracting Inc. establish bursaries to help advance student success at Lassonde.

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“The Ministry of Education’s partnership with k2i academy has become one of the most consequential relationships that the Ministry has. This program is the face of change in STEM—breaking down barriers and opening doors.”

– Patrick Case, Assistant Deputy Minister of Equity Secretariat at the Ministry of Education, from the article Transforming Education: k2i academy’s Summer STEM Initiative concludes with symposium (UN SDGs 3, 11, 17)

Key Highlights

Lassonde k2i team at 407 ETR event

k2i breaks down barriers to STEM education with $400k donation from 407 ETR

The Lassonde School of Engineering’s k2i academy is receiving a $400,000 injection of funds from our valuable partner, 407 ETR, which will help the organization advance its goals of dismantling systemic barriers for underrepresented groups in STEM and prepare the next generation for careers in these fields. The funding will be used to develop two programs; a micro-credentialed Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program which will allow students to gain experience in the economic sector while contributing to their high school diploma, and another program geared to help k2i expand its opportunities for underrepresented students in STEM including women, Black and Indigenous youth, and those from low-income communities.

Lassonde co-op students at the Children, Youth & Social Services I + IT Cluster

Lassonde School of Engineering names Children, Youth & Social Services I+IT Cluster 2022 Co-op Employer of the Year

The Children, Youth & Social Services I+IT Cluster (CYSSC), a division of the Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services (MCCSS) has been named Lassonde’s 2022 Co-op Employer of the Year. The MCCSS works to improve outcomes for children, youth, families and individuals who need support, and advance the interests of women across Ontario. Within the Ministry, CYSSC is focused on building human-centred and integrated services and supports for vulnerable Ontarians.

This year, the first-ever cohort of our Digital Technologies program has partnered with 6 esteemed employers, including ALSTOM, Bank of Montreal, Ceridian Canada Ltd., Ontario Power Generation, Quanser Consulting Inc., and Shopify Inc.

Record Number

2023 saw a record number of applications and enrolments in the Humanitarian Water Engineering course, offered in partnership with The United Nations Institute for Training and Research; CIFAL York; and the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research.

Over 500 applications were received and 84 participants were accepted into this course from over 20 countries.

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