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Lassonde empowers creators to grow, learn and make a difference by offering encouragement and support together with endless educational, professional and research opportunities.

In 2022-23, Lassonde empowered faculty members to take on executive positions in world-class research institutions including the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers (CSME), to contribute their expertise in impactful ways, reaching beyond our School.

We empowered our student researchers to pursue exciting opportunities and lead cutting-edge projects through opportunities like the Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST) Startup Experience and the NSERC CREATE Annual Summit. In addition, we also introduced new modes of learning, including a redesigned common core of engineering courses offered in ‘blocks’.

We celebrated the accomplishments of our community, including Professor John Moores being named Science Advisor to the President of the Canadian Space Agency and Michelle Tsui Woods, the associate director of our k2i academy, being appointed as a board member for Science Teachers’ Association Ontario.

We saw incredible student successes, including welcoming our newest cohort of Lassonde Scholars and seeing three of our alumni named in York University’s 30 under 30 list.

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Key Highlights

Lassonde faculty members in a meeting

Lassonde Faculty recognized for their accomplishments in research and impact

Lassonde hosted an integrated research celebration, joining faculty members across the School to honour their diverse achievements. The event was an opportune moment for researchers to learn about ongoing projects at Lassonde and celebrate one another. The recognized efforts and achievements included the Lassonde Innovation Awards (LIA), Lassonde Innovation Fund (LIF), major grants, prestigious honours, fellowships and awards, knowledge mobilization, media engagements and ranking among Stanford University’s List of the world’s top two per cent of researchers.

Lassonde BEST staff and students

Lassonde’s BEST Program Launches ‘Bridge to Startup’ Initiative, Empowering Student Entrepreneurs

The Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST) program at Lassonde launched a new initiative, the BEST Bridge to Startup (BB2S) program, which equips teams of undergraduate and graduate students with entrepreneurial skills, resources and $15,000 in funding to transform their research prototypes into successful startups. Over the course of four months throughout the summer, BB2S provides talented, entrepreneurial students with the opportunity to explore possibility and lead the way in creating solutions for a just and sustainable world.

Lassonde hosted or took part in over 75 events from September 2022– August 2023 creating welcoming spaces for our community members to gather and connect, including events for students, alumni, donors, K-12 students, educators, faculty members and staff.

Lassonde BEST staff and students

“Through their extracurricular activities, research, entrepreneurial endeavours, and community leadership, our Lassonde Scholars are an inspiration to others both within Lassonde and in the broader community.”

– Lassonde Dean Jane Goodyer, from the article Introducing the 2022 Lassonde Scholars