Lassonde Co-op/Internship

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Students of the Year

If you’re a Lassonde co-op/internship student, then apply now! Each year, two recipients will be selected based on their achievements.

As of 2023, the Student of the year winners will receive a certificate and $500 York University Gift Card.

Nascent Students of the Year 2022

Yanni Wang

3rd year Computer Science student, in the process of completing a 16-month internship at CIBC in the role of Test Analyst Co-op

“Yanni was a valuable member of our team who we have learnt that we can rely on, regardless of the difficulty of the tasks or the novelty of the challenge. Her combination of intelligence, commitment, perseverance and a compassionate character will certainly make her a valuable member of any academic program or challenging position in the industry.” 

– Hogan Chen, PhD. PEng

Sr. Technical Consultant, CIBC

Mohaimen Hassan

3rd year Software Engineering student, completed a 16-month co-op at Deloitte in the role of Associate Software Engineer

“As Mohaimen’s manager I have always looked forward to our weekly 1-1s. He has introduced me to several practices that have benefitted both my home and work lives and he has helped me to grow as a manager as he did not shy away from the harder problems and brought me in to help him along his way.” 

– Nigel Maynard

Engineering Lead

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Lassonde Co-op/Internship would like to recognize the contributions of Nascent Digital to the Lassonde Student of the Year Award. We would like to thank them for their acknowledgement of the success of our two students through their annual $1000 donation from 2018 – 2022. 

Jay Kamath, Mechanical Engineering
Yusra Sani, Civil Engineering
Cathrin Christo Sagayarajan, Computer Science
Ziad Ahmed Mechanical Engineering

Thalia Godbout was an exceptional co-op student, and will certainly be an asset to any team she joins in her future.”

Erika Hartog
Senior Accessibility Technology Analyst

Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Adrian Fagarasanu showed great motivation to solve the challenges presented when dealing with the given topic and worked highly independently. His knowledge and competencies in computer science prepared him well for the tasks.”

Nicole Neis
Mission Data Systems Engineer
Kanika Parikh, Computer Science
Hiba Jaleel, Software Engineering
Jatin Chhabra, Mechanical Engineering

“From the moment that Ignacio Isola joined our team, he has been an invaluable employee, participating and contributing to our work at a level that is years ahead of what would be expected from an undergraduate student. Over the past 5 years, I have worked with dozens of interns at Canadensys Aerospace. Several of these have been exceptional, but I would rank Ignacio at the top of even this elite group.”
Luke Stras
Electrical Team Lead
Canadensys Aerospace

“DecisivEdge has opened the doors for Julia Paglia whether as an intern next summer or a regular employee after graduation for we know she will be an asset to our company or any company she will join.”
Michael Pongan
Lead Software Engineer
Dhruvikumari Desai, Mechanical Engineering
Han Sun, Mechanical Engineering
Neharika Puri, Software Engineering
Pegah Fallah, Computer Science
Mohammed Nasif Haque, Computer Science
Alvin Chan, Computer Engineering

“I found Aryeh Weinberger to be an exceptionally talented engineering student in all areas, and a pleasure to work with. In my opinion, after mentoring many co-op students from across the province, … I believe that Aryeh would be an ideal candidate for this co-op student award.”
Jason Young, B.E.Sc., M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Founder & President,
Advantage Forensics Inc.

Antonia Pennella has made major contributions to the establishment of my research group and laboratory. I have been thoroughly impressed by Antonia’s interest in research & I firmly believe that she has a bright future in both research and engineering.”
Garett Melenka, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Mechanical Engineering Department,
York University
Jordan Nakib-Arbaji, Mechanical Engineering
Can Unlusoy,
Mechanical Engineering
Olivia Gigliotti,
Mechanical Engineering
Andres Rojas,
Computer Science
Sohaib Asim,
Computer Science
Neharika Puri,
Software Engineering
Paul Pronio, Electrical Engineering

Brandon Loy, Electrical Engineering and Sonia Kodgule, Mechanical Engineering
Basil Mahmood Electrical Engineering
Can Unlusoy Mechanical Engineering
Chirag Sardana Computer Engineering
Dan Colvin Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Abraham Computer Engineering
Moamenbellah Moustafa Civil Engineering
Mohammad Syed Electrical Engineering
Ziad Ahmed Mechanical Engineering

Hunter Schofield, Space Engineering and Maheen Saini, Civil Engineering
Pictured with Shawn Konopinsky, Partner and CEO of Nascent Digital