Lassonde Co-op/Internship

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Forms & Resources

Download or print our forms before your work term begins. We offer a variety of resources to help you prepare for your first work term.

Searching for a Co-op

Career Education & Development Resources:
● Workshop Handouts: Resume Samples (for formatting) – PDF
● Resume Checklist – PDF
● Applicant Tracking Systems – Tips for your Resume – PDF

Employer-Based Resources:
Note: These resources are based on each employer’s preferences and recruitment methods. Use these resources to strengthen your applications depending on the employer you are targeting.
● How to Write a Kick-Ass Resume by Tesla Recruiters – Article
● Google Resume Example & Writing Guide – Article
Resources from the York University Career Education & Development Centre:
● Workshop Handouts: Cover Letter Samples – PDF
● Cover Letter Format – Did You Know? – PDF
● Cover Letter Tips Checklist – PDF
● Parts of a Cover Letter – PDF
Coding/Programming Interview
● Amazon – Software Development Topics to be Prepared For – Article
● HackerRank – Practice Your Coding Skills – Article
● HackerRank – Amazon Coding Demo – Article
● HackerRank – Interview Preparation Blog – Article
● LeetCode – Programming, Algorithms – Article
● Byte-by-Byte Blog – Articles, Resources and Guides for Technical Interviews – Article
● Geeks for – Analysis of Algorithms – Big O Analysis – Article

Behavioural and Knowledge-based Interview
Resources from the York University Career Education & Development Centre:
● Answering Behavioral Questions Using STAR – PDF
● Interview Skills Tip Sheet – PDF
● Sample Questions to Ask an Interviewer – PDF
● Sample Interview Questions – PDF

Technical Interview
Employer-Based Resources:
● Interviewing at Amazon – Article
● GoToWebinar of Student Roles: Tech Trainings & Videos – Amazon – Article
● CGI Career Lab – Article
● Preparing for your Software Engineer Interview at Meta (Facebook) – Article
● Google Interview Tips – Article
Co-op & Internship Mid-term Job Seeker Guide
● Guide for navigating your job search – from continuing to actively submit applications, to interviews & job offers Click to download – PDF

Preparing for Coffee Chats – Networking Conversations
Resources from the York University Career Education & Development Centre:
● Building Connections: 20 Second Introduction – PDF
● Dos and Don’ts for Building and Maintaining Online Relationships – PDF
● Informational Interviewing Guide – PDF

Securing a Co-op

Review terms and conditions from the employer’s contract and the Co-op Program prior to officially accepting a co-op. Contact the Lassonde Co-op Team to discuss your offer, salary negotiation, and any other related questions.

Registering a Co-op or Internship Job Offer – PDF
If you’ve accepted a co-op or internship job offer, fill out this form and submit it to along with any supporting documents and information.

On a Work Term

Each work term, you will be sent specific guidelines and dates regarding the submission of key documents and reports, including the Learning Agreement and Work Term Report. Your supervisor will be contacted to submit a formal evaluation at the end of each 4-month work term. Submission of these documents and reports are an essential part of receiving a Pass grade in the zero credit co-op/ internship work term course, EECS 3900/EECS3980/DATT 3929/COOP 2109/COOP 3109.

Learning Objectives Form
Due on the fifth week of your first term with an employer, this learning agreement outlines your learning objectives for your work term.

On the Job Success for Co-op & Internship
This document provides you with some on-the-job success tips and can be useful especially for those going on a first work term.

Supervisor Evaluation Form
To be completed by your supervisor two weeks prior to the end of each work-term.

Work Term eCheck-in Form – Supervisor
For students on their first co-op/internship terms only. This is due half-way through your first work term.

Work Term Report
Due two weeks prior to the end of each work-term.

Lassonde Co-op & Internship Program Performance Evaluation Process
This document outlines the program’s performance evaluation process, highlighting the areas in which your supervisor plays an essential role.

Instructions on Submitting Work Term Course Requirements
Outlines specific steps for how to submit your work term requirements.