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BEST Bridge to Startup

An immersive experience that allows students to make positive impact.

About the program

The BEST Bridge to Startup (BB2S) program is a four-month summer entrepreneurship experience that empowers students from the Lassonde School of Engineering to build startups based on their Capstone prototypes. The BB2S program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students who will soon be graduating. The program provides them with an opportunity to pursue an entrepreneurship endeavour full-time. Undergraduate students are encouraged to turn their final year capstone projects into ventures, and Graduate students have an opportunity to turn their research into a business.
The BB2S program provides a meaningful experiential learning journey that increases the likelihood of participants successfully launching their ventures and better prepares them for an entrepreneurial career (even if it ends up being at another company). BB2S will help students build connections and skills that will empower them to be the leaders, innovators and changemakers of tomorrow. The program reinforces Lassonde’s (and York’s) mission of equipping students with critical skills, attributes and knowledge that they will need in a rapidly changing environment, to have a positive impact on their community and beyond. 

Note: As part of the program, each team/startup will have the opportunity to work with a (paid) Schulich MBA/Masters/BBA Intern (hired by the team) for a period of four months. Schulich Students will work alongside you to help develop : competitive intelligence reports, go-to-market strategies, fundraising plans and products roadmaps. Interested Schulich Students should email for more details with an expression of interest (letter), link to their LinkedIn bio and resume.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Teams must have at least two eligible founders (maximum three):
    • Undergrad students must be in their final year and only have a few courses remaining to graduate from their degree program.
    • Grad students must have submitted their final thesis (masters or PhD) to FGS or have approval from their supervisor to participate.
  2. Teams are required to dedicate two in-person days per week for their project (Tuesdays and Thursdays).
  3. Your project must leverage technology and demonstrate potential for commercialization.
  4. You have or are willing to enter into a basic founders agreement before the start of the program.

Program Elements

The BEST Bridge to Startup program involves five key elements:

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Development of a Venture Business Plan

The development of a basic pitch document that can be used to launch/fund the business after four months, following a structured format, with feedback given at each stage of the process.

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Completion of the Technology Entrepreneurship Course

Technology Entrepreneurship course is designed to help participants/entrepreneurs navigate each stage of the venture creation process. 

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Mentoring and Coaching

Regular mentor and coaching sessions with professional advisors who can help participants address the critical questions they face at each step of the venture creation process. 

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Peer Activities, Interaction and Feedback

Peer feedback is provided each month to reinforce the design thinking process, embed divergence and convergence and incorporate the voice of customers and the need to develop and test prototypes.

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Reflective Learning Journal

Participants will be required to keep a reflective learning journal, in which they will document their progress and reflect on what they have learned throughout the program. 

At the end of this program, on the Final Pitch Day, participants will pitch their business to a panel of expert judges and will fine-tune their business plans based on the feedback provided. As a result, participants will have their pitch deck and go-to-market strategy and will be prepared to launch their product/service.


Please note that each member of your team must submit an individual application.

The Application for this program is now closed.

SellStatic is revolutionizing real estate sales with AI-driven solutions that streamline marketing and sales processes for realtors. Our platform automates tedious tasks, enabling realtors to launch targeted ad campaigns in just five clicks. By integrating with existing CRMs, SellStatic offers real-time market insights, pricing strategies, and efficient lead management, reducing the need for multiple software. Our aim is to empower realtors with technology that simplifies selling, making it more efficient and effective. Join us in transforming the real estate industry with SellStatic.

Imam Khalid, Ahmad Pasha, Mnahil Ahmed, Aditya Singh

ROUT3 is a tool designed to simplify the use of LLMs (Large Language Models) like ChatGPT. It was created to help developers minimize cost, optimize output, and focus on solutions, rather than technical intricacies. With ROUT3, developers can leverage dozens of LLMs without worrying about setup and configuration. By abstracting the underlying complexity, ROUT3 provides a seamless interface for developers to integrate and scale different models according to their needs. ROUT3’s core mission is to empower developers by streamlining access to a wide array of models, thus facilitating enhancements to existing platforms or enabling the innovation of new applications powered by AI.

Laxit Shahi, Dinuja Wattage, Victor Chung, Mohamed Ahmed, Ahmed Ali, Alain Ballen, Naga Durga Rao Kunapureddi

Nobl Kids
Nobl Kids operates as a SaaS marketplace tailored for children’s extracurricular activities, utilizing a B2BC model. Our platform provides a robust class management suite at minimal initial costs, designed to attract activity providers of various sizes and their respective networks. We offer features such as class scheduling, bookings, payments, and comprehensive management tools. At Nobl Kids, our goal is to bridge activity providers with their primary customers—parents and children—helping to scale individual businesses and foster industry growth. We are looking for help in our go-to-market strategy, resource management, and sales.

Huseyn Akhundov, Ethan Fifle, Georgy Retinskiy, Aradhya Gupta

optimaTRAX is charting a course toward a smarter, more sustainable urban future. Merging AI with real-time data, our system promises to alleviate congestion and significantly lower emissions, targeting a 40% reduction in GHG/CO2 and a 30% increase in fuel efficiency. Our user-centric platform doesn’t just forecast traffic—it dynamically adapts, optimizing routes for municipal and logistics needs, and ensures public safety. We’re reshaping the urban fabric by replacing outdated systems with scalable, predictive traffic management, committed to seamless logistics and a smaller environmental footprint.

John Bagshaw, Abdul Muneeb, Apoorva Kushagra

Smart goggles for early diagnosis and monitoring of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)
Given the absence of a gold standard method for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) cure, developing non-invasive diagnostic tools for early detection is crucial. Current invasive or centralized diagnostic methods limit accessibility. Ocular AD biomarkers, alongside brain signals, offer promising insights and prognostic value. Our research focuses on investigating the diagnostic potential of ocular biomarkers and brain signals for early AD detection and monitoring. Using AI-assisted biomarker discovery, we aim to analyze various ocular and brain signals, integrating them into a smart goggle for point-of-care use. Through a case-control clinical study, we’ll identify markers and develop predictive machine learning models. This approach aims for highly accurate diagnosis by analyzing all markers together. Additionally, we’ll design smart goggles to provide preliminary data on marker functionality in AD identification. These findings can enhance diagnostic tools, aid disease monitoring, and facilitate early interventions, ultimately improving patients’ quality of life while reducing burdens on healthcare systems and caregivers.

Alireza Norouziazad, Kasra GhanbariMonfared, Nehil Mahindru
Reefers Technologies Inc logo
The project is an energy recovery system that uses the exhaust gases to create electricity to power the refrigeration system of refrigerated truck trailers.
Mhd Youssef Demashkieh: CEO & Founder 
Jad Zeitun: Mechanical Design Engineer

MechTronX Inc.
Mechtronx inc.
MechTronX Inc. is an innovative tech company based in Toronto that specializes in addressing the research and development (R&D) needs of startups. Our mission is to provide cost-effective, customized solutions that cater to the unique technical requirements of early-stage companies. What sets us apart is our commitment to collaboration, ensuring the success of both MechTronX Inc. and our clients. We actively seek partnerships and cooperative arrangements, nurturing a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing and access to valuable resources. 
With a target audience of startups within York University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including consultation, simulation, prototyping, and assistance with mass manufacturing. Our expertise spans mechanical systems, electronic systems, computer vision, ML, and AI. We prioritize intellectual property protection and leverage our technical expertise and market insights to empower startups in accelerating their innovation and achieving their business objectives.
Muhammad Ali Toor – Chief Technology Officer
Eric Wong – Software Engineer
Mohammad Shamail – Chief Operating Officer

Poweranger Multifunctional Robotic Platform logo
We are a technology company dedicated to revolutionizing power line inspection and maintenance. Our autonomous, remote power line inspection robot captures images along power lines, which are then analyzed using a machine learning algorithm to detect damages. By quickly identifying faults, pinpointing their locations, and understanding their causes, our innovative solutions help minimize production downtime and prevent unexpected power outages. Our approach enables power system operators to maintain uninterrupted operations while reducing downtime and associated costs.
Christopher Korfmann – CEO & Founder
Mohammad Fulwala – Co-founder
Rizwan Bhatti – Co-founder

chatbase logo
Chatbase is an AI chatbot builder, it trains ChatGPT on your data and lets you add a chat widget to your website. Just upload a document or add a link to your website and get a chatbot that can answer any question about their content. We aim to solve the problem of information accessibility. Many websites that have a large amount of content can be very hard to navigate. Even with search functionality, if your question doesn’t match exactly with what’s on the website, you will find it hard to get an answer. Chatbase leverages the power of ChatGPT to create a custom, intelligent chatbot for your website by training it on your specific data sources. This results in a highly accurate, responsive chatbot that understands user queries, retrieves relevant information, and provides natural language answers, making it easier for users to find the information they need.
Yasser Elsaid: CEO & Founder 
Pegah Fallah: Project Manager

Handi-fuel logo
We are providing automated accessible fuelling for mobility challenged drivers. Mobility challenged drivers have a hard time getting out of their vehicles to fuel up their vehicles. We are automating the process by building a robotic arm that will eliminate their need to manually complete the process.
Abbas Qassim – CEO & Founder
Solomon Ukwosah – Project Manager

reefers tech logo

chatbase logo square

Handi-fuel logo

Poweranger Multifunctional Robotic Platform logo