Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology

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BEST Education

Enriching the student learning experience and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Learn more about Entrepreneurship by enrolling in BEST Certificate, BEST Co-op and BEST International Course

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BEST Certificate

The BEST Certificate is a transcripted certificate that integrates multidisciplinary courses from different faculties at York University (Business courses at Schulich School of Business; Law course at Osgoode Law School, and Design, Tech and Innovation courses at Lassonde School of Engineering).

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BEST Co-op

Students are offered an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of building and running a business in their field. During your work term, you and your mentor work together to plan and design your own business idea and establish yourself and your business moving forward.  

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BEST International Course

This course consists of one week of pre-travel workshops at Lassonde, and three weeks of interactive lessons and workshops at Technion University in Israel (both at the campus of academic partners and through site visits to companies, incubators and investors).

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