Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology

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BEST Concept to Launch

Empowering students to develop critical skills and understand what it takes to launch a startup.

What is BEST Concept to Launch?

The BEST Concept to Launch Program is an equity-free program and provides these resources with no charge.

These resources will be provided based on your engagement with the BEST Program and your continuous commitment.

What resources you will get access to?

  • Coaching and mentorship with professionals
  • Machine shop and 3D Printing for prototyping
  • Working station (BEST Lab or BEST Garage)
  • Founder Fundamentals Workshops
  • Industry connections
  • Financial management support
  • Technology resources
  • BEST Awards

MIRO Board: Concept to Launch Map

Concept to Launch Journey

Step 1

Fill out the Concept to Launch application

Step 2

Meet with one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs)

Step 3

Fill out the Design Sprint templates on Miro

Step 4

Create a pitch deck using the previous templates

Step 5

Meet with one of our EiRs

Step 6

Iterate design based on EiRs and potential users’ feedbacks

Step 7

Access to resources to build prototype

Step 8

Work with EiR to validate & iterate prototype until ready for launch

Step 9

Discuss with EiR your graduation criteria

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