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UNHack Testimonials

A few takeaways from UNHack 2022 participants

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A few takeaways from UNHack 2022 participants

Aleena Aleem

(1st-year, Computer Engineering)

“I learnt that I need to take charge in a team because I possess good ideas. I also learnt how to further strengthen my collaboration skills as well as manage my time effectively. I realized that as engineers we are able to make a difference in the world in any SDG. Engineers are an important part of society as they are able to apply their knowledge to make a difference in the world.”

Mahip Ahluwalia

(Civil Engineering)

“I got to learn about my strengths and weakness by working in a team with like-minded individuals trying to solve a global challenge during which I also improved on my problem solving and communication skills.”

Wamiq Lakha

(General Engineering)

“This was technically my first hackathon, and the idea of being able to focus on problems and implement different strategies to focus on the problem that you truly want to focus on was fascinating. I got a different perspective on how I should be viewing the world or looking at problems when trying to come up with ideas for the solution.”

Iyinoluwa Olu- Alabi

(Software Engineering)

“My biggest takeaway from this experience was learning I could think so critically. The questions on the miro board really challenged me. I have never been to an event like this so it was a good first experience.  It was also nice because i was in an all-girls group and we tackled the issue of gender inequality and women in STEM.”

Victoria Sza


“The biggest takeaway from being in UNHack 2022 was being able to work with new people with similar interests, and working together has been a wonderful experience. In the span of three days, I’ve learned a lot about what it is like to work within a short timeframe and identifying the steps of a design sprint before working on a final product.”

Osayande Asemota

(Undeclared Engineering)

“I learnt a lot about teamwork through this experience. My team members and I had to work together for long periods of time in order to finish the Miro design template. I learnt that I work better in an environment where my views and ideas are considered and taken into account. Working with my group members from UNHack, made me realize how creative I can be when brainstorming ideas together. Brainstorming ideas could help me become a better problem solver and an overall better thinker.”

Maya Shamir

(Computer Science)

“My biggest takeaway from this experience was that entrepreneurial startups involving engineering concepts are very complex and require a lot of breaking down and constant constructing and deconstructing in order to yield a good result. In terms of skills, I have learned that my personal ability to collaborate with people has improved, and that I am capable of presenting my ideas in an articulate manner when needed.”

Muhammad Basit

(Undeclared Engineering)

“My biggest takeaway from this experience is the techniques applied in Miro. A problem can branch off to many smaller problems with their own unique solutions and those solutions can be wedged into one effective solution. I can apply this technique to other parts of my life to find better solutions.”

Caryll Ann  Bertumen

(Undeclared Engineering)

“My biggest takeaway from this UNHack event was to focus more on what the problem is before looking for the solution. Identifying what really is the problem and what’s the root cause of it is actually hard and needs a lot of time to figure it out. But with different thoughts and opinions from my group helped us identify the root cause of the problem. And with that, it would be much easier for us to look for the solution. And to add, being cooperative and confident to share your ideas will help your work fast and easier.”

Jordan Li

(Undeclared Engineering)

“My biggest takeaway from this experience would be regarding myself and my leadership. I have learned about the need to properly manage the time, energy and health of my groupmates. During this event, we were tasked with completing a large project given a very limited amount of time. This meant that our group was under constant pressure and often did not feel well. As a result, I now better understand the need to take consistent breaks to refresh the team, maintain effienciency and preserve the overall mental health of the group.”

A few takeaways from UNHack 2021 participants

Saimanoj Yarasi

(3rd year psychology, 1st computer science)

“I learned different ways to identify the core of an issue and taking steps to break it down to find the root cause of the problem which will possibly result into a better solution.”

Richard Balroop

(Computer Engineering, 2nd year)

“I’ve learned more about what it’s like to lead a team, being flexible with others, and making a decisive group decision that benefits the overall goal when there are several unclear options.”

Kenechukwu Oraka

(1st year, Software Engineering)

“Learning more about myself, and how I could actually keep up with the competition throughout the weekend is something I really loved. The previous me wouldn’t have even had the slightest idea that I would be able to keep up with the activities especially on a weekend. I believe I have gained many useful skills in life and taught me never to give up and underestimate my abilities.”

Maria Flores

(Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year)

“My biggest takeaway I feel was seeing what a difference collaboration and teamwork can make when problem-solving. Often I tend to shy away from collaborative work, however, this experience allowed me to break away from that and experience the benefits of brainstorming as a group and learning how to listen to my group members. Especially since a big part of engineering is collaborating with others, I think this will benefit me as I take on future a project in my career.”

Ryan Hunter

(Grade 12th, OSSD)

“My biggest takeaway was learning how to properly manage a team that is working toward a project with a fast-approaching deadline.”

Nessanth Kamalanathan

(1st year, Engineering)

“This experience gave me a first-hand insight into how engineering can be applied to solve real-life issues. The process of finding and fixing the problems we may have in campus life proved to be challenging as aspiring engineering, but enlightening.”

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