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sustainable cities and communities

UNHack Challenge 19

Proposed by YorkU Sustainability Office

How to regulate e-bikes and micro mobility on campus?

Challenge Summary:

One emerging transportation challenge is the increase of e-bikes on campus. For example, where can they park, which types park where, which are licensed and which aren’t, how can they move around on campus and where they can be stored?  This could also be connected to SARIT vehicles – in a larger context of mobility and how do we deal with the increase of these types of vehicles on campus.

List of Helpful Resources:

Introducing SARIT vehicles! Auto magnate Frank Stronach, in partnership with Professor Andrew Maxwell, are transforming York U campuses into a sustainable living lab for the next generation of electric vehicles known as the SARIT.

REM Project@YorkU the goal of the Renewable Energy Mobility (REM) project is to implement batteries to provide backup power for the Vanier parking lot lighting system and EV charging station.

Frank Stronach at Lassonde video how SARIT micro-mobility cars are designed to be more sustainable.