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sustainable cities and communities

UNHack Challenge 20

Proposed by Dr. Burkard Eberlein, Professor of Public Policy and Sustainability, Schulich School of Business

How to utilize green roofs on campus to create a community that consumes food grown on campus?

Challenge Summary:

There are many benefits to green roofs, such as saving energy, reducing storm water runoff, and providing better air quality. They also allow students and faculty to grow food on campus in order to provide everyone with a nutritious and sustainable diet. A community garden would be a great way for students to learn where the food comes from and what is involved in growing it, and how plants can be used in other aspects of life. We could also build green roof areas which create more space for gardens – and help teach people about the importance of growing their own food. As one small step towards sustainability on campus, how about we start using green roofs on campus?

List of Helpful Resources:

The YorkU Second Student Centre is a sustainable building project that demonstrates green building standards in the 21st century.