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4: quality education

UNHack Challenge 5

Proposed by the SDGs-in-the-Classroom Community of Practice (Nitima Bhatia)

How to create a crowdsourced system that identifies and provides relevant information on SDGs projects, and topics addressed in courses?

Challenge Summary:

Create a system which can identify and help students to understand if their projects, assignments and topics addressed in class are SDGs focused or not. This system will act both as a tool to identify if a project, assignment and topic is SDG related or not and also as a repository for SDG-related work. It will also help students to identify which particular goal or goals are represented in the project, assignment and topic.

This will help students who are interested to work on SDG-related projects and assignments but are not sure if they are working on the right projects. Also, it will help students who are interested to learn more about SDG projects, assignments and topics that are already used by other students to get ideas. The system can be searched through various filters like faculty, SDG, topics and others.

List of Helpful Resources:

Video: Mapping university contributions to the SDGs – SDSN Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Universities have a critical role in helping the world achieve the new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their research, teaching, operations and community leadership

Microsoft Power BI
Publications contributing to the SDGs
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