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Designing for Climate Change

There are clear indications of shifts in climatic patterns all over the world.

Polar ice areas have now shrunk to unprecedented levels and we are experiencing extreme precipitation and drought events more frequently. Tornadoes, typhoons and hurricanes are getting more frequent and more powerful.

There is a need to assess the effect of extreme loading events on civil infrastructure.

Infrastructure and Resilience

The main focus of this area of research excellence will be on above-ground infrastructure including roads, bridges and buildings.

Later on, we will also include buried infrastructure such as water distribution networks, sewers, commuter tunnels.

Research efforts will be devoted to understanding and developing business economics of infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement, include lifecycle assessment and costing. 

Three civil engineers in the high bay lab
Field of crops

Sustainable Development

Given that world’s human population is increasing at an unsustainable rate, the need for sustainable development is more critical than ever.

This research excellence area will focus on developing technologies for construction using recycled and renewable materials, such as construction rubble, recycled asphalt pavement and shredded tires.

Another key focus area will be construction over marginal-quality land such closed municipal landfills and degrading permafrost.


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