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Working to address our technological future

The EECS department at the Lassonde School of Engineering has research and programs that cover the entire range of electronic and computing technologies. We’re well-equipped to address Canada’s technological future. Our strengths include medical assistive technologies, artificial intelligence, cyber security, computer vision, networks, big data, human-computer interaction and many others.

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Lassonde has a clear mission, to offer students exceptional programs and learning experiences to make a positive impact on the world and promote scholarship and discovery in a research-oriented environment.

We offer a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science, Computer Security, Digital Media, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and Computer Engineering.

Hear from Lassonde EECS Community

Neena Govindhan

Fourth Year Software Engineering Undergraduate

To me becoming an engineer means that I get to solve puzzles. In a big or small way, solving those puzzles could directly impact the world around me.

I have always loved logical thinking and solving problems and I saw that by pursuing engineering, I could make a career out of that. Software Engineering felt like a natural fit for me because I had thoroughly enjoyed my computer science courses in high school.

When we study engineering, we develop actionable skills that can make an impact in the world. As engineers, we learn to create, improve on and optimize solutions to create a better experience for everyone.