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The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciecne is proud to introduce York University’s EECS Seminar Series (YESS), YESS takes pride in hosting distinguished speakers of global acclaim, representing the pinnacle of expertise in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science.

YESS is a public event, welcoming current and prospective students, as well as anyone interested in electrical engineering and computer science. Join us for an insightful exploration of cutting-edge ideas from esteemed speakers worldwide.

AI + SE Seminar Series

The incredible advances in AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) over the last few years are enabling the development of AI-enabled software systems. The trustworthiness and quality assurance of such systems remain a difficult challenge. At the same time, foundational models like Large Language Models (LLMs) show that various software development tasks (e.g., coding) can now be supported with AI-based suggestions (e.g., intelligent code completions)

The AI+SE seminar series invites speakers from academia and industry who are working at the intersection of AI and SE (SE = Software Engineering), such as design of AI-enabled systems, quality assurance and testing of AI/ML models and their operationalization into software systems, as well as the modernization of traditional software development practices and works with ML-based techniques.

Speakers List:
May 2024 – Lingming Zhang
Jun 2024 – Baishakhi Ray
Jul 2024 – Chunyang Chen
Aug 2024 – Reyhan Jabbarvand Behrouz
Sep 2024 – Lei Ma
Oct 2024 – Cuiyun Gao
Nov 2024 – Michael Pradel
Dec 2024 – Jie Zhang
Jan 2025 – Christian Kästner
Feb 2025 – Junjie Chen
Mar 2025 – Lionel Briand
Apr 2025 – Martin Rinard (tentative)
May 2025 – Foutse Khomh
Jun 2025 – David Lo

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