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Our Mission

WiCSE’s goal is to address the issues female engineers face in everyday life,  increase awareness about engineering profession, and encourage more girls to pursue engineering. To inspire future generations, we need role models as women engineers and scientists.

Many women face a different set of challenges in their career. We recognize this and strive to produce a supportive environment where their efforts and contributions receive due appreciation.

We  are here to provide support and resources for female students in EECS faculty.

Rising stars at EECS

Maryam Keyvanara

Dr. Mercedes Tharam Richards
(Photo credit: Wendy Estep and Sara Brennen)

PhD candidate M. Keyvanara wins Mercedes T. Richards & Jane St. Amour Award in Engineering

Congratulations to Maryam Keyvanara on receiving the Mercedes T. Richards & Jane St. Amour Award in Engineering!

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Enas Tarawneh, YorkU Lassonde Computer Science PhD Candidate, at the Canadian Computing Conference for Women in Technology, CAN-CWiC 2022, presentation title: "Emotion Sensitive Human Robot Interaction (HRI)"
Enas Tarawneh (left) at the Canadian Computing Conference for Women in Technology, CAN-CWiC 2022

PhD student  in the  Vision, Graphics and Robotics (VGR) Laboratory  at Lassonde school of engineering

Recipient of NSERC Postgraduate Doctoral Scholarships PGSD

Congratulations to Enas Tarawneh !!!!

Her research involves mining emotional patterns in conversations and the development and evaluation of emotion-aware, cloud-based animated AI agents for human-robot interaction.  She has received  a Master’s and two doctoral  OGS scholarships. She currently holds a VISTA and PGSD doctoral scholarship.  Prior to this Enas worked as an academic Lead, IT support manager and e-learning coordinator in the Institute of Applied Technology in UAE in which she received an award  for “Distinguished Curriculum Support” and  another for “Excellence in E-learning coordination”. Most importantly Enas, is a wife and mother of three , that believes that  open-mindedness and positivism is the best accomplishment and the source of true happiness.

Our Team

WiCSE Committee (Faculty)

Hina Tabassum (hina@eecs.yorku.ca), Chair

Ping Wang (pingw@eecs.yorku.ca)

Uyen Tran Nguyen (utn@eecs.yorku.ca)

Melanie Baljko (mb@eecs.yorku.ca)

WiCSE Committee (Students)

Enas Tarawneh

Taha Sajjad

Wenxiao Fu

Deeksha Chandola

Anni Siren

Gouri Barai