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EECS project courses include EECS4080 3.0, EECS4088 6.0, EECS4090 6.0, EECS4480 3.0, and EECS4700 6.0. These courses are special project courses, for fourth year students (with 36 or more units of Computer Science courses in addition to general fourth year requirements.) A student works individually on a computer science, computer security, or digital media project. (Note that there is a separate capstone project courses for engineering programs – computer engineering, software engineering and electrical engineering.) The student’s work is done under the supervision of an EECS faculty member. The contents and requirements for the project are to be defined and approved in a “contract” prior to registration. Students work on their own, with scheduled interactions with the supervisor. At the end, students present a poster presentation on their projects, plus other agreed-upon deliverables.


Enrolment in these courses is only by permission after approval of the proposed project by the Course Director. After the course enrolment procedure described below has been completed, students become eligible to enrol and will then receive further instructions by email.

  1. Read the course descriptions to determine your eligibility. Please note the course prerequisites and exclusions.
  2. Identify a project and a project supervisor. Possible projects proposed for this term will be added to the Project Courses wiki page (navigate to the current year and term) as soon as supervisors provide them. Projects from previous years can also be seen by navigating to previous years in the wiki index provided at the link

If you identify a project from the offered projects for the current term/year, then contact the corresponding faculty member to discuss your fit to the project and whether that faculty member is willing to act as Project Supervisor for your work on that project. Alternatively, you may work in collaboration with a department faculty member to develop a project that is not currently listed. (Note that finding an available faculty supervisor may not be possible, especially in the summer term.) A list of department faculty members can be found here: Faculty Members.

  1. Develop a Project Contract (a template is provided on the course wiki page – navigate to the current year and term). In close collaboration with the project supervisor, develop a document that outlines the project’s description, the background requirements, project readings, project deliverables, and project evaluation.
  2. Submit the Project Contract to the Course Director, by email with copy to the supervisor, for approval before the deadline specified on the course wiki page.  A signed hard copy of the contract should also be brought to the department office, LAS 1012M, attention the 4080 Project Supervisor.
  3. Finally enrol in the course using the online system following the instructions you will be emailed once the contract has been approved.