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EECS 6002 Directed Reading Course

A directed reading course is suited for students with special interests. Students will select areas of study in consultation with their supervisor. These areas should not significantly overlap with the material covered in courses currently offered at York University and undergraduate or graduate courses are taken by the student either at York University or elsewhere. Directed reading courses require a completed directed reading form. Students should return the completed form to the graduate program assistant by the 10th day from the start of the term. A printout of an email confirming approval can be used in lieu of a signature on the form.

EECS5101 3.0 Advanced Data Structures The course discusses advanced data structures: heaps, balanced binary search trees, hashing tables, red-black trees, B–trees and their variants, structures for disjoint sets, binomial heaps, Fibonacci heaps, finger trees, persistent data structures, etc. When feasible, a mathematical analysis of these structures will be presented, with an emphasis on average case analysis and amortized analysis. If time permits, some lower bound techniques may be discussed, as well as NP-completeness proof techniques and approximation algorithms.

InstructorDayStart timeDurationLocationGroup
13:0090LAS 2051