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Check your Moodle ( and/or your eClass ( account regularly. Monitor your “” e-mail account for updates from your instructors as well. If you use another e-mail account (e.g., gmail, yahoo, hotmail, qq, etc.) check those accounts regularly too. You may need to log out of your Moodle, and then log back in again, to be prompted to visit the new eClass portal.

For the most up to date information on York University’s operations this upcoming Fall/Winter, please visit the YU Better Together website:

We have compiled this information for you on our Frequently Asked Question page. Our FAQs website above also covers several other topics that most students have questions about (e.g., program changes, petitions, course repeats, additional academic and social support, etc.).
Remember to explore all areas of your Academic Calendar, Program Checklist, Required Advising, and where applicable, your Degree Progress Report:
Using your Degree Checklist

A degree checklist is a complete listing of all major-specific courses required for completion of your degree:

They include the number of credits of general education courses you need to take, but not the actual courses. Use this checklist along with your academic calendar, which is specific to the year you start your program.

Using your Academic Calendar

An academic calendar is a complete listing of all the requirements that need to be met to allow you to graduate and change based on the year you enrolled.

You must use the academic calendar listed under the year you started your program unless an advisor tells you otherwise.

A student can use the calendar on their own to determine what courses they need, but must consult with the Lassonde Academic Advisors to ensure they are complying with all rules regarding their degree.

The calendar includes all major courses that are also on your degree checklist, as well as a complete listing of the general education courses you can take, such as humanities, law or business.
We understand you may be encountering some unique circumstances and we want to help. If you have any questions regarding your study permit, we want to connect you with the University’s expert resources at York International:
If the above resources do not contain the answer to your question already or if you need a response same-day, a reminder that our Academic Advising team is available for drop-in advising every weekday. Join the virtual waiting line via the QLess app. Instructions are available for you here:
Meteorology Career Opportunities
Environment and Climate Change Canada has new career openings for EATS graduates.
Become a Meteorologist at Environment and Climate Change Canada
Join the Meteorological Service of Canada
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Atmospheric Science Brochures for High School Students
Environment and Climate Change Canada has released a exploratory brochure for high school students and others looking to pursue atmospheric and meteorological studies.

Careers in MET
Interested graduates, please click here