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What is Required Advising?

Advising is an annual advising session to be completed by all Lassonde students. All departments support Required Advising as an opportunity for students to become aware of any changes to your curriculum, remind you of specific rules for your program and update you about any changes to the university’s policies or procedures. It is also an excellent opportunity to find out about available resources that can help you on your academic journey.

Accessing the Required Advising e-Class

If you are not registered already, please self-register into the Lassonde Academic Advising Classroom.

When do I complete Required Advising?

Required Advising can be completed every Spring in preparation for enrolment in future Fall/Winter courses.

How do I complete Required Advising?

Step 1. Review your Academic Advising Presentation available in the Lassonde Academic Advising Classroom

Step 2. Complete the Required Advising Quiz & Acknowledgement Statement

After completing Required Advising, review the additional topics in the Lassonde Academic Advising Classroom, e.g., Curriculum Updates, Preparing to Graduate, Lassonde Co-op, and Mental Health and Wellness Resources, etc.

After I complete Required Advising, when will my advising block be removed?

You do not need to notify anyone after you complete Required Advising. Blocks will be removed 3 business days after you complete Required Advising. For this reason, we encourage you to complete Required Advising at least 3 business days prior to your enrolment window opening. Completing Required Advising on time will help you avoid delays enrolling in courses.

Enrolment Essentials

You can enrol in Fall and Winter courses when all of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • you have completed Required Advising
  • you are in good academic standing
  • you are in good financial standing, and
  • your enrolment window has opened.

Proceed to the Lassonde Academic Advising Classroom now.

Questions? Ask an Academic Advisor!