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What is Required Advising?

Advising is an annual advising session to be completed by all Lassonde students.  All departments support Required Advising as an opportunity for students to become aware of any changes to your curriculum, remind you of specific rules for your program and update you about any changes to the university’s policies or procedures. It is also an excellent opportunity to find out about available resources that can help you on your academic journey.  

Accessing Required Advising e-class

If you are new to Lassonde, please self-register into the “Lassonde Academic Advising Classroom”.  Continuing Lassonde students that completed Required Advising last year.  If you do not see the Lassonde Academic Advising Classroom when you are logged into e-class, then please self-register.  If you are having technical difficulty please contact Lassonde’s Information Technology department via zoom ID: ask2lit or email

How to complete Required Advising?

  1. Once you are in the Lassonde Academic Advising Classroom, choose the Required Advising Section that best suits your progression in your program:
    •Entry Year
    •Middle Years
    •Graduating Year
  2. Next, watch the video according to your degree BA/iBA/BSc/iBSc or BENG. 
  3. After watching the video complete the quiz with 80% or better.
  4. Finally, subscribe and review curriculum updates for your program as there may be updates pertinent to your program.  You may also subscribe and review other segments that you have an interest in learning more about and want to be kept up to date on any potential changes.

How to choose your Required Advising Session?

We have grouped the sessions to best capture the information you need based on your degree and progression within your program.

Entry Year is designed for students that are new to Lassonde.  This is an appropriate session for you, if you transferred from another post-secondary institution or another faculty on campus, or if you had not yet started university before this year.

Middle Years is designed for students that have been through at least one session at Lassonde and you are not planning to graduate.

Preparing to Graduate Year is designed for students that are planning to graduate next June 2022, October 2022 or February 2023.   If you are graduating in June 2021 or October 2021, you do not need to complete Required Advising, although you may still find the webinar information helpful.

When and How will the “Major Advising” block be removed?

  • In order to remove this block you must complete Required Advising video and achieve 80% or better. 
  • Once you have successfully completed the quiz with 80% or better, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • The block removal process is not automatic.  A member of the advising team will be removing blocks twice a week starting after June 25, 2021 every Monday and Thursday morning at 9:30am Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • If you have completed any outstanding Required Advising components (video and quiz) before 9:30 am on Monday -the “Major Advising block” will be down by Tuesday morning.
  • If you have completed Required Advising components anytime after 9:30 am on Monday and before 9:30 am on Thursday your “Major Advising block” will be removed for Friday morning.

Last, but not least!

You should have no problems enrolling in courses for the Fall/Winter 2021 session, provided that:

  • You completed the online Required Advising session and passed the accompanying quiz with at least 80% by June 25, 2021.
  • You are in good academic standing at the time you enrol in FW2021 courses (e.g. no exit blocks). Please check your FW Grade Report and  Connect with an Advisor for your next steps in resolving other blocks.
  • You are in good financial standing your balance must be below $1,500 for domestic students or $3,500 for international students.
  • Your FW21 enrollment window has opened so you can enroll in courses- Mark your calendar!

Questions? Ask an advisor!

Content Updated April 13, 2021