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Two Engineering students named recipients of 2023 Bergeron Medal

Each year, top graduating students from the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University are awarded the Bergeron Medal by the Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST) program. This year, the Bergeron Medal was presented to two students who demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial achievement throughout their time at the School. 

Nick Di Scipio, a Mechanical Engineering student, has always sought to make the most of his student experience at Lassonde. He completed both the BEST Certificate and BEST Co-op program. His co-op experience led him to put his passion for 3D printing into practice, by creating a startup at BEST called Pantheon Prototyping. The startup is an on-demand additive manufacturing firm, catering to various small to medium-sized organizations. Nick takes pride in the fact that his entire team at Pantheon consists of York students and the company actively sponsors technical clubs at Lassonde, further fostering student innovation. 

In addition, Nick has been actively engaged in giving back to the Lassonde community by mentoring other students and participating in various programs, including the BEST Startup Experience and UNHack, supporting teams and guiding them through their projects. Nick also received the BEST Award in 2021 for his exceptional achievements. 

Megan Gran, a Space Engineering student, has been an active participant in the BEST program. Throughout her degree, Megan engaged in various BEST initiatives and completed the BEST Certificate. She also supported experiential education activities as a mentor, providing guidance and support to fellow students. Megan took part in Lassonde’s co-op program, where she had the opportunity to work for KPM Power. Throughout her time at Lassonde, she has been recognized as a Lassonde Scholar and a BEST Entrance Award Recipient. 

Megan actively contributed to the Lassonde community by hosting tutoring sessions, participating in the York University Robotics Society and taking on leadership roles in various campus activities such as WeekZero. Additionally, she volunteered for several community events, including Innovire’s Annual Summit and various FIRST Robotics competitions. In her second year, she was one of just 24 students selected worldwide by the European Space Agency to participate in building and launching a rocket in northern Norway, through the ‘Fly a Rocket’ program. 

Nick and Megan’s dedication to entrepreneurship and their ability to make a positive impact on the BEST and Lassonde communities have been commendable.  

Congratulations to Nick and Megan on their remarkable work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creating positive change! 

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