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Engineering Block Model

A New Option For Your First Year in Engineering

As a first-year Engineering student, this year, for the first time, you have a choice to make about how you learn in the fall term: traditional or block model.

Traditional Model

You probably already know how this works – with a traditional learning model you will take 5 different courses simultaneously throughout the fall semester on a continuous basis. Most of your midterms would be in October and most of your finals would be in December, with classes and assignments for all courses spread throughout the term.

Block Model

The block model is a unique way of learning where instead of juggling various courses, you will complete one subject at a time (with only one course running throughout the whole term.) So that means you take one class for 3.5 weeks, complete it, and start another course right after – allowing you to give your full focus to one topic at a time

Another cool thing? With the block model, you study on campus three days a week and study from home for two – the blended delivery gives you more flexibility (and you spend less time commuting.)

With both models, you’re taking the same courses and getting the same credits – you’re just doing it in a different way. Read on to learn more details about the block model.

Example of the Block Model

MATH 1025
Applied Linear Algebra
(LA term)
EECS 1011
Computational Thinking
through Mechatronics
(LB term)
MATH 1013
Applied Calculus I
(LC term)
PHYS 1800
Engineering Mechanics
(LD term)
ENG 1101
<—————— Renaissance Engineer 1: Ethics, Communication & Problem Solving ——————>
(F term)

Frequently Asked Questions

The block model will run for the length of the fall term from September to December. In the winter term (January to April), all students will take courses under the traditional model.
ENG 1101 will run throughout the entire fall term, from September to December. The remainder of your courses will run sequentially in 3.5-week blocks, as depicted in the schedule above.
The course content and learning outcomes under both models are the same, so regardless of which model you choose, you will be prepared to continue into your second term of engineering. However, a key difference is in the pacing and delivery of your courses. In the block model, since each course runs on a 3.5-week schedule, you will be devoting most of your time during that period to the course through a combination of in-person classes, tutorials, labs, and online learning activities.
Check the Important Dates page and scroll down to the heading “Sessional Dates for All Other Terms in Fall/Winter 2023-2024” to find the dates for the LA, LB, LC, and LD terms.
The last day to add a fall term course with permission of the instructor is September 28. After that date, it won’t be possible to switch your courses to the traditional model.
The block model is new for Lassonde, and we will be starting with about 70 students. If you are interested in the block model, we encourage you to apply. You will be notified if you are selected to participate.
You will be able to indicate your preference on our Engineering Program Guarantee form that will be emailed to you after you have applied. Decisions will be made and communicated in early August. If your application is accepted, you will be moved to the appropriate sections of each course for the block model in August.