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Professor John Moores receives 2022 CASI McCurdy Award

Lassonde Professor, Dr. John Moores, presented the 2022 CASI MCCurdy Award by Mr. Allen Conrad, CASI President
Dr. John Moores, presented with the 2022 CASI McCurdy Award by Mr. Allen Conrad, CASI President

Lassonde School of Engineering Professor John Moores has been awarded the 2022 McCurdy Award from the Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute (CASI). This award is presented for outstanding contributions made in recent years toward the advancement of science and technology in aeronautics and space exploration.

Dr. Moores received the award in recognition of his innovation in the planetary sciences, and his outstanding achievement in the science and creative aspects of engineering relating to aeronautics and space research.

Throughout his career, Dr. Moores has dedicated himself to developing revolutionary and innovative theories regarding the planetary atmospheres of our solar system and beyond. His interdisciplinary ingenuity led to the first identification of Ice-Penitentes on another planet, the first direct detection of Ice-Water fogs on Mars and his creation of the first model to reconcile the observations of methane from NASA and ESA spacecraft on the surface and orbit around Mars. Dr. Moores’ contributions have led him to be named Chair of the Canadian Space Agency’s Planetary Exploration Consultation Committee from 2015-2017, earned his research group 16 NASA Group Achievement Awards and led to his selection as a Participating Scientist on NASA’s Curiosity Rover Mission. Dr. Moores has continued to contribute his Planetary Science acumen to York University as the York Research Chair in Space Exploration since 2019.

Most recently, Dr. Moores was appointed as the Science Advisor to the President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

About the McCurdy Award

The McCurdy Award was introduced in 1954 by the Institute of Aircraft Technicians, one of the aeronautical groups that amalgamated to form the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute. The award commemorates the many engineering and other contributions made by John A.D. McCurdy during the first stages of the development of the aviation industry in North America.