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Fifth Cohort of BEST Certificate Announced – 2023

Congratulations to the students who have received the BEST Certificate in 2023. Offered by the Lassonde School of Engineering’s BEST Program, this transcripted certificate program integrates multidisciplinary courses from the Schulich School of Business, Osgoode Law School and Lassonde, providing students with a unique opportunity to develop their skills.  

The feedback from the 2023 graduates highlights the significant impact of the BEST Certificate on their personal and professional growth. Check out what they had to say: 

Rizwan B

Rizwan Bhatti, Mechanical Engineering 

“The BEST Certificate program provided a comprehensive and diverse learning experience. The business classes covered the fundamentals of business, finance and entrepreneurship, allowing for practical application and team collaboration. The law class focused on intellectual property and the legal aspects of running a business. This program significantly enhanced my skills, knowledge and personal growth, preparing me for the complexities of the business world. The courses offered networking opportunities and were taught by dedicated and knowledgeable professors.” 

Megan Gran

Megan Gran, Space Engineering 

“The BEST certificate provided me with valuable insights beyond engineering and equipped me with the necessary skills to succeed in starting a business. These courses taught me essential soft skills and gave me the ability to effectively communicate complex engineering ideas to a broader audience. With this well-rounded skill set, expanded network and a comprehensive understanding of business and start-ups, I am confident in my ability to excel in future careers. What sets this program apart is the unique perspective of the professors who not only understand our engineering background but also have engineering degrees themselves. Their expertise made the learning experience enjoyable and paved the way for success in the course. I highly recommend this program for anyone seeking a practical and enjoyable education that prepares them for diverse career opportunities.” 

Suman Thar

Suman Thar Mohamed, Civil Engineering 

“Taking the business and law courses alongside my civil engineering degree was a game-changer for me. Not only did these courses provide me with a deep understanding of legal and business principles, but they also enhanced my decision-making abilities and communication skills. I now feel more confident and well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the professional world. These courses have broadened my perspective, fostered critical thinking and expanded my career opportunities. I wholeheartedly recommend these courses to fellow students who want to complement their engineering education with valuable business and legal knowledge.” 

Aditi Chowdhury

Aditi Chowdhury, Civil Engineering 

“This certificate has been a transformative experience for me, complementing my engineering studies and propelling my personal and professional growth. These courses have not only enhanced my skill set, but also fostered critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. They have provided me with a broader understanding of the intersections between business, law, and engineering, enabling me to tackle projects with a holistic perspective. As an engineering student primarily focused on science and math, these courses challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and develop a deeper appreciation for the foundations of business and law. The knowledge and skills gained have greatly contributed to my professional development and future career prospects, as I am now equipped to effectively communicate and bridge interdisciplinary gaps. I recommend the BEST Certificate to fellow students. By embracing this unique combination of engineering, business, and law, students can expand their skill sets and unlock their full potential for success in their future careers.” 

Mohammad Shamail

Mohammad Shamail, Mechanical Engineering 

“The combination of business startup fundamentals and patent law courses from the BEST program provided a valuable knowledge base in entrepreneurship and intellectual property rights, giving me a competitive edge in the business world. These courses enhanced my analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities and communication skills, while also fostering ethical and legal awareness. The program’s interdisciplinary approach and the support of Lassonde, Schulich and Osgoode contributed to my personal and professional growth, equipping me with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of key principles in business, engineering and law. With the BEST Certificate, I feel confident and prepared to navigate the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship and make a meaningful impact. I highly recommend the BEST program to students seeking to become creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.