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Coursework Requirements

Coursework Requirements

All graduate students must fulfil the coursework requirements below.

  • MECH 6000 0.00 Graduate Seminar is a compulsory non-credit course to be passed every term over the course of your full-time MASc / PhD studies (Continuous enrolment is mandatory).
    • An Annual Student Activity Form (Appendix D) and a 10 Page Research Progress Report must be submitted before each seminar presentation day in the summer.
    • For requirements regarding minimum attendance and giving a talk, please refer to the course outline.
  • ENG 6000 0.00 Engineering and Academic Ethics – This course is offered once per year. Graduate students are required to take this course once at the earliest applicable date over the course of their studies.
  • MECH 9001 0.00 MSc Thesis and MECH 9002 0.00 PhD Dissertation are compulsory non-credit Courses that must be taken every term over the course of your MASc/PhD studies (Continuous enrolment is mandatory).
  • In addition to MECH 6000, ENG 6000, MECH 9001/MECH 9002, MASc and PhD students must pass three (3) for-credit courses in their programs. Direct PhD students must pass five (5) for-credit courses in their program. The table below provides details on these coursework requirements.
CoreA minimum of two (2)A minimum of two (2)A minimum of four (4)
Core, or complementary, or reading course, or outside MECH coursesMaximum one (1)Maximum one (1)Maximum one (1)

Courses Offered in Fall 2024 and Winter 2025

Summer 2024 Registration begins on 1st April 2024

Registration in these courses is by submission of the MECH course transaction form here.

Dr. Garrett MelenkaMECH 6000 – Graduate Seminar
MECH 6900B 3.0 – Directed Study: Manufacturing
MECH 6900K 3.0 – Directed Study: Other areas in Mechanical Engineering
Core Mechanical Engineering Graduate Courses are in boldCore Mechanical Engineering Graduate Courses are in bold
Hossam SadekENG 6000 – Engineering and Academic Ethics
Nima TabatabaeiMECH 6000 – Graduate SeminarMECH 6000 – Graduate Seminar
Roger KempersMECH 6104 3.0 Advanced Heat Transfer
Ronald HansonMECH 6105 3.0 Advanced Fluid Dynamics
George ZhuMECH 6202 3.0 Advanced Dynamics
Solomon Boakye-YiadomMECH 6204 3.0 Fracture and Failure of Materials
Alex CzekanskiMECH 6301 3.0 The Finite Element Method in Engineering Analysis
Marina Freire-GormalyMECH 6302 3.0 Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization for Mechanical Engineers
Paul O’BrienMECH 6405 3.0 Introduction to Nanomaterials and Metamaterials
Andrew MaxwellMECH 6502 3.0 Technology Commercialization
Terry SachlosMECH 6504 3.0 Introduction to Bioengineering
George ZhuMECH 6900H 3.0 – Directed Study: Dynamics, Control and Robotics
Pouya RezaiMECH 6900J 3.0 – Directed Study: Microfluidics and MEMS
MECH 6900K 3.0 – Directed Study: Other areas in Mechanical EngineeringMECH 6900K 3.0 – Directed Study: Other areas in Mechanical Engineering

Offered courses in each year are listed here.

Course Transfer
If you wish to transfer graduate course from a different institution (for which you have not received a degree), request should be submitted to the program prior to completion of the first term of study in the program.

To take a graduate course in another graduate program at York University
To request to take a graduate course in another graduate program at York University, please 1) complete a request form, 2) obtain approvals from the course director and graduate program director. 3) send the form to the program assistant in the guest graduate program for further approval.

To take a graduate course at another Ontario University
To request to take a graduate course at another Ontario university, please 1) complete the OVGS application form, 2) attach a copy of the course description, 3) provide a concise rationale for how the course(s) fit(s) your plan of study, 4) a letter of support from supervisor, and submit all these required documents to MECH Program Office no later than 30 business days before the start date of the term in which you wish to take an OVGS course.

Upon receipt approval from MECH graduate executive committee, you may proceed to submit your OVGS application to FGS via the Outgoing OVGS submission form. For more information, please visit Graduate Students Exchange and Visiting Program, or contact the Graduate Program Office.


All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the following information: