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MECH Graduate Program Membership

Core/Full Members

Faculty members by Research Areas: Aerospace; Applied Mechanics, Biomedical Engineering; Design Engineering; Materials and Manufacturing; Microsystems and Instrumentation; Robotics and Automation; Thermal Sciences and Energy, and Fluid Mechanics.

Amirfazli, AlidadProfessor– Thermofluid
– Fluid Mechanics
– Wetting & Capillarity
– Icing
– Coating.
Boakye-Yiadom, SolomonAssociate Professor– Alloy Design and Microstructural Tailoring (e.g.: Complex Concentrated Alloys)
– Metal Additive Manufacturing (e.g.: Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF )
– In-Situ Process Monitoring/Machine Learning During Manufacturing
– Deformation And Failure Of Materials Under Extreme Loading Conditions (e.g.: High Strain Rate Tension, Torsion, Compression/Impact, High Temperatures)
– Multiscale Electron Microscopy, Microanalysis and Spectroscopy (e.g.: HRTEM, Auger Electron Spectroscopy) 
– Processing And Characterization Of Advanced Biomaterials Including Tissue Simulant Biomaterials
Cooper, ThomasAssociate Professor– Solar concentrators
– Solar absorber materials
– Solar thermal desalination devices
Czekanski, AleksanderProfessor– Computational Solid Mechanics
– Experimental Solid Mechanics
– Additive Manufacturing
– Bioprinting
– Soft and Super-soft Materials
– Design Engineering Education
Freire-Gormaly, MarinaAssistant Professor– System design and development of smart, integrated and robust water & energy systems
– Experimental characterization, simulation and design optimization at the systems level of coupled water and energy systems
– Development of new energy technologies
– Application of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for optimal maintenance and reduced system degradation
– Additive Manufacturing, Laser Manufacturing
– Development of mechatronic systems
– Energy systems analysis & modeling including combined heat & power units, solar, wind, tidal, nuclear, small modular reactors, energy storage systems and hydroelectric turbines.
Hanson, RonaldAssociate Professor– Experimental fluid dynamics
– Turbulence
– Turbulent boundary layer
– Transition, flow control.
Harris, JeffreyAssociate ProfessorEngineering
Hassan, EdrisAssistant Professor– Engineering Education
– Composite Materials
– Smart Structures
Jian, CuiyingAssociate Professor– Natural carbonaceous materials processing
– Multiscale modelling of colloidal systems
– Carbon-conversion chemistry
– Water and wastewater treatment
– Organic solar cells.
Kempers, RogerAssociate Professor– Fundamental and Applied Two-Phase Flow & Heat Transfer
– Thermal Energy Transport, Exchange, & Conversion Technology Development
– Advanced Cooling of Electronic Devices & Systems
– High Performance Thermal and Electrical Interface Materials
– Thermal Materials Characterization.
Leung, SunnyAssociate Professor,
Director, Undergraduate Program
– Biobased materials
– Micro-and-nanostructuring
– Multifunctional materials
– Nanocellular Foams
– Nanocomposites
– Properties and simulation of multifunctional material systems.
Maxwell, AndrewAssociate
Melenka, GarrettAssociate Professor,
Director, Graduate Program
– Braided Composites
– Composite Materials
– Mechanical Testing
– Optical Strain Measurement
– Digital Image Correlation (3D DIC)
– Micro-computed Tomography (µCT)
O’Brien, PaulAssociate Professor– Electrification and decarbonization of buildings
– Energy storage
– Heat-to-power conversion, and
– Life cycle and techno-economic assessment of energy technologies.
Rezai, PouyaAssociate Professor,
Department Chair
– Micro and Nanofabrication
– Micro and Nanofluidics
– Lab-on-Chips and Bio-Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
– Organisms- and Organs-on-a-Chip for Disease Studies and Drug Discovery
– Particle and Cell Separation and Sorting
– Point-of-Need Sample Preparation and Detection.
Rizvi, RezaAssociate Professor– Damage Induced Surface Texturing of Composites
– Graphene Based Transient Electronics
– Exfoliation of 2D Materials
Sachlos, EleftheriosAssociate ProfessorStem cell engineering and regenerative medicine with a specific focus on
– engineering the bone
– hematopoietic & leukemic stem cell microenvironments to regulate stem cell fate decisions.
Sadek, HossamAssociate ProfessorEngineering
Tabatabaei, NimaAssociate Professor– Instrumentation of Medical Devices and Sensors
– Biomedical Optics
– Optical Microscopy and Tomography
– Thermo-Photonics, Thermography, and Photo-Thermal Radiometry
– AI-Powered Biomedical Sensing and Imaging
Zhang, DanProfessor– Robotics
– Mechatronics
– Control Systems
– Manufacturing Systems
– Parallel Robotic Machines.
Zhu, GeorgeProfessor– Dynamics and Control of Spacecraft
– Robotic Control
– Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
– Advanced Control Theory
– Computational Solid Mechanics
– Space Robotics and Space Debris Removal
– 3D/4D Printing in Space

Associate Members

Eldyasti, AhmedAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Civil Engineering, York
Grau, GerdAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, York
Salahandish, RaziehAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, York

Adjunct Members

Eilaghi, ArminAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Australian College of Kuwait
Ghuman, KulbirAssistant ProfessorCentre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications, Institut national de la recherché scientifique
Lee, Thomas
Laovie, PhilippeProfessorInstitute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto
Marengo, MarcoProfessorSchool of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, University of Brighton
Ng, AlfredDeputy DirectorEngineering & Capability Demonstration, Space Science & Technology, Canadian Space Agency
Saverio, Carlo Iorio
Villiger, MartinAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School