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Your Lassonde School of Engineering Co-Application

What is Boost?

Boost is made up of two components – a digital interview and an engineering program guarantee – both are optional  and give you a chance to tell us more about you and your interests. We’ve got your grades but they only tell part of your story – after all you’re more than your GPA.

Completing the co-app is entirely up to you and can ONLY provide a boost to your application.

Students working in the Sandbox

1. Engineering Program Guarantee

Lock in Your Passion

If you have applied to Engineering

You can secure your spot in your preferred Engineering program, before you have to accept your offer of admission.

Offers to programs will be awarded based on your academic profile and your Boost co-application. That way you’ll know if you have a spot reserved for you in your program of choice for your 2nd year.

2. Digital Interview

You are more than grades.

And while having good grades usually means you have the academic chops to do well in your classes, it’s your passion for science, technology & engineering that will help you succeed.

That’s why we created Boost.

Boost’s Digital Interview gives you the chance to tell us who you really are and demonstrate to us that you possess the traits of a future member of the Lassonde community – creativity, passion, ingenuity, rational thinking and confidence.

Completing your Digital Interview will help you elevate your application and launch you above the competition. We will send you an invitation to complete the Boost Digital Interview if it may support your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an offer of admission to a Lassonde program(s), you do not need to complete the Digital Interview.

If you have applied to engineering and wish to be considered for Engineering Program Guarantees, then you need to submit your Program Choices in your Boost co-application.

We’ll email you a personalized Program Selection link between late February and mid March along with more info on next steps. The link will allow you to select your top choices for engineering specialization.

Keep in mind that even if you have an offer of admission to engineering, your Boost score will be combined with your academic profile for determining Engineering Program Guarantee offers.
No, Boost can only add to your academic profile.
If you have been Waitlisted for our engineering program, we strongly recommend you complete Boost. We will email you a personalized link to complete the Boost Co-application between late April and early May.

Boost is entirely optional. It will be useful to participate if your GPA is near or below cut off range to help secure an offer.
We’ll send applicants an email invitation between late February and mid March to complete Boost.  Applicants will receive further instructions from us at that time.
Your deadline will depend on when we receive your application. We will send you an email with information on when you should aim to have it completed.
In your Boost profile. We’ll email you a personalized Program Selection link in late February along with more info on next steps. The link will allow you to select your top choices for engineering specialization.
It’s your choice – if you’d like to be considered for Engineering Program Guarantees, then submit these in your Boost co-app.  

If you intend to join Software Engineering or Computer Engineering you will need an Engineering Program Guarantee to enter these programs. You will be required to follow all required steps and deadlines for the Engineering Program Guarantee to qualify for entry into these programs in your second year.
Yes – we will consider you for all the engineering program choices that you submit.
Engineering Program Guarantee offers will be determined using your Engineering Achievement Score.  Your Engineering Achievement Score combines your academic profile – using your grades in April and May – with your Boost score.  This means that if you have a high average, you may choose not to complete the Digital Interview component of Boost.
Up to 3/4 of the spaces in each of the Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and, Space engineering programs will be reserved in the Engineering Program Guarantee.

This means that up to 1/4 of the spaces in each of these programs are available for 2nd year.

For Computer and Software Engineering, up to 100% of spaces will be allocated. This means that there is not expected to be spaces available in these programs for 2nd year.

Based on demand for any particular Engineering program, not necessarily all students offered admission will receive a guarantee.
If you change your mind about your program during your first year, or if you aren’t sure now which Engineering program you are most interested in – that’s ok and common – we guarantee that there will be spaces available in the Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Space programs to choose after 1st year.  You can apply to change programs for your 2nd year.   These spaces are allocated based on you GPA in your Lassonde studies.

New for Fall 2024 Entry – Software and Computer Engineering will not be available without an Engineering Program Guarantee
It’s all right and very common if you are not ready to decide on an engineering program at this time.  You will apply to select your program before you finish 1st year.  Your 1st year courses, as well as events and activities, will showcase the variety of engineering majors available, to help you find your passion.

Around half of our first year students usually have Engineering Program Guarantees, which means there is space for choosing programs for 2nd year in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Space Engineering.