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Two students working in a lab together

Teaching Assistantship

Becoming a Teaching Assistant

  • New, incoming students must submit a TA Blanket application form to the Graduate Program office upon their arrival in the program and by May 15th from there on, annually.
  • According to CUPE 3903 Unit 1 collective agreement: “Note that a blanket application, to be considered, must be submitted between November 15 and January 31 (or by the next business day if January 31 falls on a week-end) and shall apply to all positions in the hiring unit for academic sessions that commence during the twelve months following January 31. Any application after January 31 is specific to the position or positions listed below.”
  • For each TA assignment, students must submit a TA Workload form  to the Graduate Program office within a week after the middle of the term when the second meeting with the instructor is held. Graduate students in mechanical engineering may upload their form(s) by using this link.