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Forms, Policies and Guidelines

Requirements for Graduate Students

As a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, students will be involved in three major categories of activities: coursework, research and teaching assistantship. The forms and policies related to each of these categories can be found below.

All MASC and PhD Students should read milestone document as they begin their studies in the program: Important Milestones.

MECH Course Transaction Form 
Taking graduate courses should be done in full consultation with supervisors and supervisory committee members. This form should be completed with all signatures secured for all for-credit courses and submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator before the classes start.

Request to Take a Course in Another Graduate Program at York
After consulting with your supervisor(s), this form should be completed with signature from the course director and submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator for graduate program director’s approval.

COURSE CHANGES such as dropping and extension after the deadline:
Course Transaction Form (General)


To apply for an OVGS at another institution, 1) complete the OVGS application form, 2) attach a copy of the course description, 3) provide a concise rationale for how the course(s) fit(s) your plan of study, 4) a letter of support from supervisor, and submit all these required documents to MECH Program Office no later than 30 business days before the start date of the term in which the applicant wishes to take an OVGS course.
Upon receipt approval from MECH graduate executive committee, you may proceed to submit your OVGS application to FGS via the Outgoing OVGS submission form.

If you have taken a graduate course at a different institution in the past, for which you have not received an academic degree, you may be able to transfer the course to our program. Request must be made prior to completion of the first term of study.
For transferring a graduate course to the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program at York University, please consult with the Graduate Program Coordinator.
Supervisor Committee Approval: Graduate students are supervised by one or two main supervisors and additional members of a supervisory committee during their studies at our program. Students must initiate and form their supervisory committees during the first term of their studies, and immediately after registration, by submitting the form below to the Graduate Program Coordinator. This should be done in full consultation with their supervisor(s). Please see these pages for FGS rules about the supervisory committees for MASc and PhD students, such as the composition of the committees.

Graduate students must meet with their supervisory committees at least once every year. Organizing the meeting is the responsibility of the graduate students. In these meetings, students must present their yearly progress and future plans to the committee members and seek advice about their research. Submission of a short research progress report before the meeting and having a presentation during the meeting are normally expected.

APPENDIX D: Annual Student Activity Report: The Annual Student Activity Report along with the 10 page written research progress report should be submitted to the committee 5 days in advance of the meeting.

MECH Supervisory Committee Meeting Report: The MECH Supervisory Committee Meeting Report should be completed by the committee during the meeting and submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator, along with the above Appendix D – Annual Student Activity Report, completed and signed on the last page by the supervisors. Submission of these forms is expected within 3 days after the annual committee meetings.

MASc students must submit their MECH-Thesis and Dissertation Proposal Form and FGS-TD1 forms to the Graduate Program Office at the end of their first year of studies.

MASc Thesis Oral Examination Recommendation Form: Oral Exam – Masters. The form must be submitted to the MECH Program Office at least three weeks before the oral exam date.

PhD and Direct PhD students must submit their MECH-Thesis and Dissertation Proposal Form and FGS-TD1 forms to the Graduate Program Office prior to milestone examination scheduling.

Graduate Milestone Examination Request Form 1
Graduate Milestone Examination Evaluation From 2
ME Comprehensive Oral Examination Chair Responsibilities
Request for Extension of PhD Milestone Exam Form – Please consult the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Policies and Procedures for the PhD comprehensive Examination before completing this form. You must consult with your supervisor prior to submitting this form.

Doctoral Oral Examination Recommendation Form: Oral Exam – Doctoral The form and a copy of the approved draft dissertation must be submitted to MECH Program Office at least four weeks before the oral exam date.

Delay of Publication (Embargo)
To request for a Delay of Publication (Embargo) on a Thesis or Dissertation, please consult with your supervisor and submit the form before the date of your oral examination.

Students are encouraged to reference York University’s Safeguarding Research website for background information and helpful links. For reference, research security efforts seek to safeguard research from being inappropriately accessed and used to advance the strategic, military, intelligence, or surveillance capabilities of a threat actor. Work in sensitive areas is particularly vulnerable to this threat. 
Most granting agencies require research security assessments as part of the application process. Some granting agencies will require disclosure of recent partnerships and will conduct due diligence to identify relationships between researchers and organizations that they assess pose a risk to research security. 
To assess potential safeguarding research risks related to partners, students are encouraged to conduct open-source due diligence. This website provides resources for starting due diligence checks: Conducting Open Source Due Diligence for Safeguarding Research Partnerships ( There is a brief course available here: Research Security Training Courses ( Basic internet searches for security concerns about the employer and a search of Sanctions Explorer provide a good starting point. Annex A in the Conducting Open Source website linked above provides a reference list of online databases to support due diligence searches. 
For questions related to this and other Safeguarding Research issues, please contact Research Security resources at York University.
All graduate students in the program are expected to submit the TA blanket application form below to the Graduate Program Coordinator by January 30th. In this form, they should state up to three undergraduate MECH courses that they are interested to be TA for. This submission must be done annually and the requested courses are not guaranteed.

Application For a Teaching Assistant Position:  TAs are expected to fill in the TA Workload Form with their instructors for each of the courses they TA. The forms should be fully signed by the middle of each term for every course and submitted by the TAs to the Graduate Program Coordinator.

If you are interested to take a TA and or RA position outside the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program, the form below should be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator before you sign any external contract.

Request Form for Teaching and Research Assistantship Positions Outside the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Academic Petition: The completion of an academic petition can be for various reasons such as Leave of Absence (LOA), extensions (Covid/CUPE), and/or advanced standing.  Please ensure that you read the forms carefully and discuss options with supervisor, GPD and/or GPC.

Type of Leave of Absence
Maternity leave
Parental leave
Medical leave

Program Withdrawal Form: Please complete and submit the form to the graduate program office.

Vacation Request Form
Academic Calendar: Mechanical Engineering Academic Calendar

Academic Honesty : FGS Academic Integrity Module is mandatory for all graduate students. Please complete the module as soon as you receive the email and instructions from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Health and Safety Training: WHMIS II registration *Mandatory for MECH graduate students.
Machine Shop Training: Lassonde Machine Shop

Equipment reservation: | 3D Printer Rental: 3D Printer Rental Approval Form
Desk Booking: Skedda: Desk Booking (BRG 403) | Skedda Quick Reference Guide

Request: MECH Card Access request form

Letter of Registration and Enrollment: Request Letter of enrollment and registration in an academic session
Ordering transcripts online/Online degree verification service can be found here.

Employment records (Address, Phone number, Emergency Contacts)
Academic records (SIN#, Contact Information)

Delay of Publication (Embargo) on a Thesis or Dissertation: Embargo request form

Extension of Email accounts for Withdrawn Graduate Students (For Graduate Program Director use only)