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Lassonde Machine Shop

The Lassonde Machine Shop specializes in general and precision metal fabrication to support Undergraduate, Graduate and Research projects. Providing real world manufacturing exposure with a hands-on approach.

Machine Shop Information

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Location: Located in the basement of the Bergeron Center BRG 035

General Inquiries Email:

Shop Schedule: View the Machine Shop Schedule. Please note, the schedule changes often, please check it regularly.

Student Shop Services

Requirements for Access

  • Participate in training as required.
  • Book out machines using Q-Reserve booking software.
  • Only using machines trained to operate.
  • Check PPE for damage prior to use.
lathe machines in the workshop


Machine training classes are required to use the equipment. These classes will be covering the basics of machining, machine shop safety, measuring devices, manual machine operations and shop rules. Please follow the steps below.

  1. WHMIS 2
  2. Completing and passing of learning modules on E-Class (
  3. Register and complete Mill, Lathe, Drill press training, ETC. – in person
    A $100 fee is required for graduate student training
    Training sign-up can be done here (to view this link, you’ll need to be logged in to your YUOffice account)
Lassonde Machine Shop, male worker standing working among machines

Equipment Reservations

  • Booking of equipment is done through Q Reserve, machines and equipment can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. Please check the schedule to ensure the shop is available for the time you are requesting equipment booking.

Safety Reminder

  • Safety shoes and safety glasses need to be worn upon entering the Lassonde Machine Shop, 035.
  • Long hair needs to be tied back/up.  No jewellery or loose articles of clothing are to be worn in the shop.
  • Report all health and safety incidents immediately to the Machine Shop Staff.

Research Services

Job Submission Requirements

  • Basic understanding of machining processes.
  • A brief description of the part and features needed.
  • Detailed drawings & CAD, with tolerances and features labeled.
  • Defined material.
  • Consult if needed.
  • Submit a job request form online.

Email CAD & drawings to

Shop Rate: $55/hour

Lassonde Machine Shop, student standing at the machine controls looking at the camera
Lassonde Machine Shop, lathe machine

Equipment & Capabilities

CNC Machining:Size:
LatheD200mm X 500mm
3-Axis Mill300mm X 450mm
5-Axis Mill500mm
WaterJet Cutting2m X 3m
Welding- MIG-TIGSteel, Aluminum
Surface Grinding150mm X 450mm
Mill Work250mm X 800mm
Lathe WorkD200mm X 800mm
Horizontal Band Saw400mm
Band Saw
Drill Press
Sand Blaster
Pedestal Grinder
Hydraulic Press 50t
Various Other Shop Tools