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Marina Freire-Gormaly

Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering


Marina Freire-Gormaly, PhD, EIT, LEED GA is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department at the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University. Her research focuses on the development of stand-alone solar powered reverse osmosis water treatment systems and energy recovery systems for remote communities that lack access to grid electricity. She also is interested in machine learning applications for smart design of innovative energy and water systems. Her research interests are also in advanced manufacturing, smart systems using Internet of Things & artificial intelligence, and advanced additive manufacturing methods. She completed her Ph.D. and M.A.Sc. from the University of Toronto in Mechanical Engineering. Her M.A.Sc. was on pore space characterization of carbonate rocks using micro computed tomography and pore network modeling for advancing Carbon Capture and Storage Technology. She has previously been a course instructor for undergraduate energy related engineering courses at the University of Toronto. She has also worked at Ontario Power Generation (OPG) on the Darlington New Nuclear Project and the Darlington Refurbishment Project. She contributed to a World Bank project evaluating Canada’s ‘Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy’ (RISE). She currently serves as the Chair of Student and Young Professional Affairs for the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers (CSME).She is passionate about research and teaching energy systems to inspire the next generation of engineers to tackle society’s growing sustainability challenges. Her research interests include energy systems, optimization and design for global engineering contexts.

Selected Publications

  • Freire-Gormaly, M., Bilton, A., (2019) Impact of Intermittent Operation on Reverse osmosis membrane fouling for brackish groundwater desalination systems, Journal of Membrane Science, vol. 583, p. 220-230.
  • Freire-Gormaly, M., Bilton, A., (2019) Design of Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems Considering Membrane Fouling caused by Intermittent Operation, Renewable Energy, vol. 135, p. 108-121.
  • Freire-Gormaly, M., Bilton, A., (2018) Experimental quantification of the effect of intermittent operation on membrane performance of solar powered reverse osmosis desalination systems, Desalination, vol. 435, p. 188-197.

Recent Presentations Title

  • Freire-Gormaly, M., (2019) Optimal and Automated Design of Renewable Powered Water Treatment Systems for Remote and Off-Grid Communities, Invited Technical Guest Lecture for Professional Engineers Ontario’s West Toronto Chapter, Apr 17th, Toronto, ON.
  • Freire-Gormaly, M., (2019) Design of Renewable Powered Water and Energy Systems, Invited Technical Guest Lecture for Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineer’s uOttawa Chapter, Feb 28th, Ottawa, ON.
  • Freire-Gormaly, M., (2018) Automated Design of Solar Powered Water Treatment Systems, Invited Technical Guest Lecture for Professional Engineers Ontario’s Toronto Humber Chapter, Oct 24th, Toronto, ON.
  • Freire-Gormaly, M., (2018) Automated Design and Experimental Quantification of Membrane Fouling for Solar Powered Water Treatment Systems, Invited Participant of Asian Deans’ Forum - The Rising Stars Women in Engineering Workshop, Oct 5th, HKUST.