Certificate Program in Meteorology

A background in mathematics, physics and chemistry is required to understand the complex and varied processes that occur in the Earth's atmosphere. These phenomena extend down to the molecular scale, where one considers the interaction of photons with a variety of molecules in processes that lead to heating of the atmosphere, and extend upwards in scale to the global propagation of weather systems that produce the precipitation necessary to sustain life on the planet.

The idea behind the Certificate in Meteorology Program is to provide specialist education in atmospheric phenomena to those students who have the basic background in physical science, thereby preparing them for careers in atmospheric science.

This practical program offers an outstanding preparation for students at Lassonde considering a career in weather forecasting or specialist meteorology field or as a foundation for further research and graduate study.

The course is open to students from other universities. Students enrolled in Earth and Atmospheric Science at Lassonde may receive the certificate while concurrently completing their BSc degree provided they complete the program requirements.

For further information - including admissions requirements - please go to Lassonde's Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering website.