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Partner with Lassonde

Let’s build a brighter tomorrow, together.

Why partner with Lassonde?

Partnering with Lassonde offers organizations an unparalleled advantage, gaining access to the latest technological breakthroughs, collaborative research tailored to your business needs and a direct pipeline to emerging talent ready to drive innovation. By joining forces with Lassonde, you not only amplify your operational efficiency and scalability but also position your business at the forefront of innovation and growth.

Embrace a partnership that transforms challenges into opportunities, setting new benchmarks in the realm of science and engineering. Interested in getting involved, but not sure where to start? Connect with us or explore your options below.

students in sandbox

Hire students or grads

Our exceptional students and graduates are ready to excel in co-op, work placements or job opportunities, bringing fresh, innovative solutions to your organization. Unlock the potential of tomorrow’s leaders in engineering and science.

k2i participants

Break down systemic barriers

Partner with our kindergarten 2 industry (k2i) academy for a transformative journey that brings STEM to life for young students, leveraging innovative learning programs to create a more inclusive and diverse future in STEM.

Doug Bergeron and Jane Goodyer outside of the Bergeron Centre

Donate or invest your time

Your support and expertise can spark change. Empower the next generation of innovators by making a financial contribution or offering your time as a mentor, guest speaker, or more.

Glowing brain on desk, along with brain-shaped mousepad

Partner for research

Gain direct access to breakthrough research and expert collaboration, unlocking innovative solutions for your immediate and future challenges.

Two female participants at the UNHack event

Support entrepreneurship

Empower the next generation of entrepreneurs with the BEST (Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science & Technology) program. Share your expertise as an advisor, mentor, judge and more.

high bay lab

Access world-class facilities

Our state-of-the-art research facilities, labs and collaborative spaces are designed to foster breakthroughs, offering partners the tools and environment needed to pioneer advancements in engineering and technology.

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Connect with us

Interested in getting involved, but not sure where to start? We are here to help!

Fill out the form below and Marily Molina, Business Development Manager, will get in touch with you.