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This is Lassonde: Podcast

This is Lassonde: Podcast Season 2

Want to get the inside scoop? Check out our ‘This is Lassonde’ Podcast, where each episode brings you fresh conversations talking to engineers, scientists and creators across the Lassonde community, including students, faculty, alumni and our industry partners.

Hosted by students, Denise and Connor, you can look forward to insightful conversations that you won’t want to miss. Tune in and hear all about how Lassonde is making an impact and finding solutions to complex problems.

Get inspired to make a positive change in the world and become a part of the Lassonde community.

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Episode 5:

World Water Day with Dr. Satinder Brar & Dr. Usman Khan 

Join us on this special episode as we celebrate World Water Day. This annual United Nations observance on March 22 brings attention to the importance of fresh water and the need for sustainable management of freshwater resources. Our guests today are Dr. Satinder Brar and Dr. Usman Khan, two Civil Engineering faculty members who are making a significant impact in water research while supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Clean Water and Sanitation and Climate Action. Listen in as we discuss the various contaminants affecting Canada’s water sources, the benefits of using value-added bioproducts for water treatment, and the effects of climate change on urban water systems and how sustainable urban planning can prevent flooding. 

Episode 4:

Building leadership skills and finding a community through BEST

Olga Klushina graduated from the Electrical Engineering program Lassonde School of Engineering in 2022. In this episode, we chat about her experience taking part in the BEST Certificate Program at Lassonde and how it led to her current role as a Systems Engineering Lead at KPM Power. We also hear about all the different ways she got involved as a student and how those experiences allowed her to make valuable connections that helped her on her career journey. 

Episode 3:

Shifting gears: Brandon Loy’s journey to becoming a software engineer at Tesla

In this episode, we are joined by Brandon Loy, an Electrical Engineering alumnus from Lassonde and a current software engineer at Tesla. He talks to us about his journey from an electrical engineering degree to a career in software engineering, as well as his experience working at one of the most innovative companies in the world. He also reminisces about his time at Lassonde and offers valuable advice to new grads.  

Episode 2:

Highlighting the accomplishments of Black Scientists and Engineers with Solomon Boakye-Yiadom

In this episode, we sit down with Solomon Boakye-Yiadom, an associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering department at Lassonde. He tells us all about his research into materials and structures before diving into a discussion about the equity, diversity and inclusion work being done at Lassonde and in his lab to highlight the contributions and accomplishments of Black scientists and engineers. He also tells us how he’s inspiring youth from underrepresented communities to pursue STEM. Finally, we learn all about his involvement in an exciting project with National Geographic. 

Episode 1:

From creative to Creator, combining performance arts with earth & space science

In today’s episode, we are joined by Chimira Andres, a PhD student in Lassonde’s Earth and Space Science program. Chimira has travelled all around the world throughout her educational journey and worked with various organizations such as the European, Canadian and Italian Space Agencies and NASA. In this episode, she reflects on her educational path and how she ended up here. She also discusses her upcoming travels to France as part of the Coutelle Program, where she will be exploring glacier formations on Mars through a doctoral scholarship. Finally, she describes the parallels between her two passions, professional dance and space, and gives advice on maintaining a work-life balance. 

Follow Chimira on Twitter: @RocksNRockets