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Welcome to the Lassonde Community!

Are you a parent or supporter of a Lassonde student? You are also now part of the Lassonde community. We know how important it is for family members and supporters to be involved in their student’s life and so we have gathered some information for you to understand how to help your student transition smoothly and safely into university life and to support their journey through their program. Below we have listed a combination of resources that are Lassonde specific and central York resources. Encourage your student to seek support when needed. Remind them that reaching out for help is a sign of strength and there are advisors, residence dons or counselors who can assist them.


  • Academic Support Services (Tip: The Q&A is a useful first step to answer your student’s questions about course enrolments. You can also find information on how to book an appointment with an advisor, degree requirements and grade point average requirements.)
  • Student Well-Being (Encourage your student to seek support when needed. There are resources on mental health and wellness resources and links to the student counseling, health and well-being office.)
  • Financial Services (Everything you wanted to know about fees, scholarships, bursaries, work-study programs, refunds.)
  • Parents and Family Programming Schedule and Student Life Timeline (This site also has a series of sessions that might be of interest to you. There is a student life timeline that will give you an idea of what to expect month to month.)

As your student navigates University, they will likely feel overwhelmed with their new surroundings and new set of responsibilities. It is important for them to know that this is a learning experience and we are here to help them with the transition process.

Some things to consider or keep in mind

  1. It’s important to encourage them to make their own decisions. If they are unsure, have them reach out to the Student Success and Academic Advisors.
  2. Remind them that university is different from High school and they may not perform academically at the same level.
  3. Encourage them to get involved as it is the easiest way to meet people on campus. This is the best way to adjust to university life. There are many clubs and activities in Lassonde and the greater York community.
  4. Communication is important. Chat with them about your expectations regarding frequency of your communication, whether by phone, email or text.
  5. Our programs are demanding and require a lot of focus and attention in order to succeed. Be patient and understanding with the time constraints your student will face.
  6. The university will not disclose any aspect of a student’s academic file to an outside party including parents and family members due to privacy policies. This is a great time for students to develop the confidence and be comfortable to advocate for themselves. They will practice and develop the skills to speak to professors, university staff and potential employers.