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Standing committees and sub-committees of the Council have been established to assist Council in carrying out its mandate. The committees review and make recommendations to the Faculty Council on policy matters within their purview.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for coordinating the work of Council and its committees, monitoring the organization and structure of Council and other bodies, ensuring that equity considerations are integrated into the work of Council and its committees, serving as Council’s liaison with external bodies, and overseeing nominations and elections processes.

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Learning, Curriculum & Students (LCS)

The LCS Committee is responsible for the development and oversight of curriculum, academic standards and pedagogy for the degrees and non-degree programming across the School, including supporting the delivery of curriculum and service courses for programs across the university in areas where Lassonde has disciplinary expertise.

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Planning, Academic Resources & Research (PARR)

The PARR Committee is responsible for consultations and recommendations on academic plans and major academic processes and will advise the Dean on the allocation of academic resources. The committee also promotes research and evaluates research resources at the Faculty level.

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Committee on Evaluations and Academic Standards

The Committee on Evaluations and Academic Standards oversees academic policy, academic standards and policies and practices related to graded evaluations, as well as the development and oversight of the academic petitions process, including review and decisions of academic petitions and appeals. It will monitor and provide Faculty-level academic oversight of grades exercises undertaken by academic units. The Committee shall conduct hearings and make decisions in cases of suspected breach of the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty in accordance with Senate Policy, and oversee a panel system for the hearing of petitions and appeals. The Committee embodies appropriate standards of fairness and natural justice in all its proceedings.

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Awards Committee

The Committee on Awards shall make recommendations and provide advice to Council on policy matters related to awards and scholarship. It will promote and celebrate outstanding performance and creative scholarship across the School. It will adjudicate student, faculty and staff awards as applicable.

This committee will propose policy for student, staff and faculty awards (creation, advertisement, nominations and selections) in the Lassonde School of Engineering; additionally, this committee will adjudicate School-wide awards. On behalf of the Lassonde School of Engineering, and in the context of promoting, recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements in teaching, learning, service and research, the Committee shall be responsible for those aspects of awards, prizes and medals under the School’s jurisdiction.

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Tenure & Promotion (T&P)

The Committee on Tenure and Promotions (T&P) makes recommendations, as required, on Faculty and University policy concerning tenure and promotions. It deliberates on Faculty tenure and promotions policy and makes recommendations on such policy to Faculty Council and the Dean.