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Indigenous Student Support

There are many resources available to our Indigenous student community.

Centre for Indigenous Student Services (CISS)

Supports specific to the York Indigenous community are available through the Centre for Indigenous Student Services which strives to deliver services and programs that are cognizant of the diverse experiences and upbringings of the Indigenous student population.

Scholarship, Bursaries, and Awards

  • CISS has a complete list and resource page dedicated to scholarships, bursaries, and awards that are automatically considered when students complete their York U Student Financial Profile (SFP)
  • Here is a link to external awards available to Indigenous students
  • Lassonde specific awards, including the Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology (IBET) Momentum Fellowship for PhD students are available here
A group people sitting around a fire pit inside a traditional tipi hut

Indigenous Student Clubs

Indigenous Student Association at York is a York Federation of Students (YFS) sponsored community service group. They are an autonomous student association dedicated to executing student, campus initiatives to enhance awareness and appreciation of Indigenous people and politics while offering advocacy support for student body.

Indigenous Friends Association – the Indigenous Friends Association (IFA) is an Indigenous-led tech not-for-profit organization that ignites the Spirit of Indigenous communities to create, engage and renovate digital technologies through ethical and communal values.

Indigenous Black People of Colour Organization.

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Indigenous Health and Well-being